60 Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens

My husband told me the Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Porous Pens are some of the best fineliners out on the market right now. He had a box of 12 but I wanted to try all the colors. There is a really pretty assortment of color in this box. The fineliners are 0.3 mm. They can be used for general writing, bullet journaling, sketches, and artwork. One of the coolest things about Staedtler fineliners is they can be left out without the cap and not dry out. They are water based and in theory could blend with one another.

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Color Information 

Here are all the colors in the 60 Triplus fineliner box. I listed them in order of the way they appear on the packaging. The color numbers are also on the side of the pens. They are a little hard to read.

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Boxes: 60 Triplus fineliner
What's inside the box: 

  • 23-bordeaux red
  • 29-carmine red
  • 28-mahogany
  • 260-mauve
  • 68-lilac
  • 69-dark mauve
  • 6-violet
  • 61-red violet
  • 2-red
  • 221-neon pink
  • 24-scarlet red
  • 4-orange
  • 201-neon red
  • 401-neon orange
  • 20-magenta
  • 43-light orange
  • 10-light yellow
  • 101-neon yellow
  • 53-lime green
  • 501-neon green
  • 51-willow green
  • 52-sap green
  • 5-green
  • 38-sea green
  • 34-aqua blue
  • 301-neon blue
  • 32-azur
  • 30-pale blue
  • 37-ultramarine blue
  • 3-blue
  • 59-opal green
  • 55-green earth
  • 57-olive green
  • 85-dove gray
  • 26-antique pink
  • 450-sand
  • 430-peach
  • 222-salmon
  • 21-light rose
  • 62-lavender
  • 63-delft blue
  • 54-turquoise blue
  • 550-pale green
  • 14-mustard
  • 13-vanilla
  • 1-yellow
  • 110-bright yellow
  • 16-golden ochre
  • 7-light brown
  • 48-kalahari orange
  • 73-burnt sienna
  • 75-chocolate brown
  • 76-brown
  • 77-tobacoo brown
  • 82-light grey
  • 83-warm grey
  • 8-grey
  • 36-indigo blue
  • 9-black

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Collecting Information

The back of the box has a lot of information on it. It has all the colors with their color number, not their color name, but at least the colors can identified.

Boxes: Crayola 100 count box with Colors of the World colored pencils
Year: 2018
Part Number: 334 C60 G
UPC Numbers: 031901953737
Manufacturing Location: Germany
Where to buy: Amazon

Here are the back of the box. 

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  1. I knew there were 48 colors; now I find more!