Complete List of Copic Markers

This post has been a long time coming. I actually started it last April, but never finished. I dusted it off this month because it was sooooo close to being done and I really want to get it out. There are still many parts I want to add, but I wanted to get this information out sooner than later. I have compiled all the complete chart of 358 Copic Colors. 

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The Copic Sketch markers contain all 358 colors, their top of the line marker. Copic Markers are the industry standard in alcohol based markers. They are used in illustration, animation, comics, fashion and much more! The colors listed here are approximations because layering these markers will produce different saturations of the color.

Copic has three other marker types, Ciao, Classic and Wide. The Ciao Copic markers are available in 180 colors. The Classic Copic Markers are available in 214 colors. Do not ask me why for the random numbers. Eventually I will compile the lists of Classic and Ciao, but there are so many colors to combine it definitely takes a while. Ciao is the introductory Copic marker which does not contain as much ink and Classic is the original classic marker. Their smaller sets are definitely more affordable.

I have divided the Copic Charts into Saturated, Pastel and Grays. I had to divide the chart into three to make it easier to read otherwise it would be too small. 

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Saturated Colors

Pastel Colors


Since I do not have these markers, because they are so expensive. It is my hope one day to get them, I have found their color from the color wheel Copic provides on their website. They also provide swatches on their website, but the colors were not the same as the wheel. The only way to find out what the actual color would be is to get them all. These are close approximations.

Copic sells their markers in a variety of sets which I will include at a later date. I have included the 72 sets for now. These are pretty pricey over 400 dollars a set. The smaller sets are definitely more affordable.

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  • The colors in the Copic Sketch Markers 72 A set are: B37, Antwerp Blue; BG15, Aqua Blue; 100, Black; BG09, Blue Green; BV08, Blue Violet; E09, Burnt Sienna; E29, Burnt Umber; Y21, Buttercup Yellow; YR07, Cadmium Orange; R27, Cadmium Red; Y15, Cadmium Yellow; Y02, Canary Yellow; YR14, Caramel; R37, Carmine; YG13, Chartreuse; YR09, Chinese Orange; YR04, Chrome Orange; E44, Clay; B26, Cobalt Blue; C-1, Cool Gray No. 1; C-3, Cool Gray No. 3; C-5, Cool Gray No. 5; C-7, Cool Gray No. 7; C-9, Cool Gray No. 9; BG10, Cool Shadow; RV29, Crimson; E49, Dark Bark; E15, Dark Suntan; G17, Forest Green; RV09, Fuchsia; V06, Lavender; Y13, Lemon Yellow; B14, Light Blue ; V04, Lilac; G21, Lime Green; G16, Malachite; B34, Manganese Blue; B01, Mint Blue; Y26, Mustard; G07, Nile Green; G28, Ocean Green; G99, Olive; B32, Pale Blue; YG95, Pale Olive; YR24, Pale Sepia; Y11, Pale Yellow; R32, Peach; B06, Peacock Blue; B23, Phthalo Blue; RV11, Pink; YR00, Powder Pink; B05, Process Blue; B39, Prussian Blue; YG91, Putty; RV19, Red Violet; R02, Rose Salmon; E33, Sand; E37, Sepia; RV04, Shock Pink; 110, Special Black; BG18, Teal Blue; B29, Ultramarine; R08, Vermillion; V09, Violet; W-1, Warm Gray No. 1; W-3, Warm Gray No. 3; W-5, Warm Gray No. 5; W-7, Warm Gray No. 7; W-9, Warm Gray No. 9; Y06, Yellow; YG03, Yellow Green; YR23, Yellow Ochre
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  • The colors in the Copic Sketch Markers 72 B set are: YG07, Acid Green; Y08, Acid Yellow; V17, Amethyst; G14, Apple Green; BG32, Aqua Mint; B21, Baby Blue; Y00, Barium Yellow; E11, Barley Beige; BV04, Blue Berry; R20, Blush; E31, Brick Beige; E40, Brick White; R59, Cardinal; RV06, Cerise; E35, Chamois; 0, Colorless Blender; C-0, Cool Gray No. 0; C-10, Cool Gray No. 10; C-2, Cool Gray No. 2; C-4, Cool Gray No. 4; C-6, Cool Gray No. 6; C-8, Cool Gray No. 8; E00, Cotton Pearl; RV34, Dark Pink; BG49, Duck Blue; E43, Dully Ivory; G05, Emerald Green; B00, Frost Blue; E02, Fruit Pink; R39, Garnet; Y17, Golden Yellow; YG17, Grass Green; BV23, Grayish Lavender; B12, Ice Blue; G00, Jade Green; B18, Lapis Lazuli; E39, Leather; E07, Light Mahogany; YR02, Light Orange; RV21, Light Pink; E13, Light Suntan; E57, Light Walnut; E04, Lipstick Natural; R29, Lipstick Red; V15, Mallow; BV00, Mauve Shadow; YG11, Mignonette; E51, Milk White; BG13, Mint Green; BG11, Moon White; YG67, Moss; N-1, Neutral Gray No. 1; N-3, Neutral Gray No. 3; N-5, Neutral Gray No. 5; N-7, Neutral Gray No. 7; N-9, Neutral Gray No. 9; BG02, New Blue; BG45, Nile Blue; YG41, Pale Cobalt Green; BV31, Pale Lavender; V12, Pale Lilac; E41, Pearl White; G29, Pine Tree Green; B41, Powder Blue; R24, Prawn; B02, Robin's Egg Blue; G12, Sea Green; B24, Sky; B45, Smoky Blue; E21, Soft Sun; G02, Spectrum Green; G85, Verdigris
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  • The colors in the Copic Sketch Markers 72 C set are: YG21, Anise; YR16, Apricot; RV14, Begonia Pink; 100, Black; G19, Bright Parrot Green; E25, Caribe Cocoa; YG25, Celadon Green; YG45, Cobalt Green; R35, Coral; E00, Cotton Pearl; YR21, Cream; B16, Cyanine Blue; RV17, Deep Magenta; G40, Dim Green; RV25, Dog Rose Flower; BG99, Flagstone Blue; YG01, Green Bice; BG05, Holiday Blue; Y38, Honey; BG34, Horizon Green; YG09, Lettuce Green; E55, Light Camel; R17, Lipstick Orange; YG99, Marine Green; E77, Maroon; E27, Milk Chocolate; Y19, Napoli Yellow; N-0, Neutral Gray No. 0; N-10, Neutral Gray No. 10; N-2, Neutral Gray No. 2; N-4, Neutral Gray No. 4; N-6, Neutral Gray No. 6; N-8, Neutral Gray No. 8; YG23, New Leaf; R11, Pale Cherry Pink; RV10, Pale Pink; YG63, Pea Green; R00, Pinkish White; E53, Raw Silk; E19, Redwood; YG05, Salad; R05, Salmon Red; YR18, Sanguine; RV32, Shadow Pink; YG97, Spanish Olive; G82, Spring Dim Green; RV02, Sugared Almond Pink; B04, Tahitian Blue; RV13, Tender Pink; E34, Toast; T-0, Toner Gray No. 0; T-1, Toner Gray No. 1; T-10, Toner Gray No. 10; T-2, Toner Gray No. 2; T-3, Toner Gray No. 3; T-4, Toner Gray No. 4; T-5, Toner Gray No. 5; T-6, Toner Gray No. 6; T-7, Toner Gray No. 7; T-8, Toner Gray No. 8; T-9, Toner Gray No. 9; G09, Veronese Green; E59, Walnut; W-0, Warm Gray No. 0; W-10, Warm Gray No. 10; W-2, Warm Gray No. 2; W-4, Warm Gray No. 4; W-6, Warm Gray No. 6; W-8, Warm Gray No. 8; G20, Wax White; G24, Willow; Y23, Yellowish Beige

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  • The colors in the Copic Sketch Markers 72 D set are: Y04, Acacia; B99, Agate; BG01, Aqua Blue; YR65, Atoll; V99, Aubergine; V05, Azalea; E99, Baked Clay; R43, Bougainvillaea; E08, Brown; BG96, Bush; E79, Cashew; Y32, Cashmere; E71, Champagne; R000, Cherry White; E74, Cocoa Brown; BG23, Coral Sea; E47, Dark Brown; E97, Deep Orange; BV17, Deep Reddish Blue; BV20, Dull Lavender; E50, Egg Shell; FB2, Fluorescent Dull Blue; FBG2, Fluorescent Dull Blue Green; FV2, Fluorescent Dull Violet; FYG2, Fluorescent Dull Yellow Green; FYR1, Fluorescent Orange; FRV1, Fluorescent Pink; FYG1, Fluorescent Yellow; FY1, Fluorescent Yellow Orange; G94, Grayish Olive; BV25, Grayish Violet; YG93, Grayish Yellow; BG93, Green Gray; V01, Heath; BV13, Hydrangea Blue; BV000, Iridescent Mauve; B79, Iris; B93, Light Crockery Blue; V95, Light Grape; B95, Light Grayish Cobalt; B63, Light Hydrangea; R22, Light Prawn; YR31, Light Reddish Yellow; R14, Light Rouge; R12, Light Tea Rose; Y28, Lionet Gold; Y35, Maize; YG00, Mimosa Yellow; B97, Night Blue; YR68, Orange; B60, Pale Blue Gray; E000, Pale Fruit Pink; V91, Pale Grape; B91, Pale Grayish Blue; B000, Pale Porcelain Blue; R30, Pale Yellowish Pink; BG07, Petroleum Blue; E01, Pink Flamingo; BV02, Prune; RV23, Pure Pink; B28, Royal Blue; RV42, Salmon Pink; YR000, Silk; BV29, Slate; B52, Soft Greenish Blue; BV11, Soft Violet; YR61, Spring Orange; R46, Strong Red; E95, Tea Orange; E93, Tea Rose; YG06, Yellowish Green; YR20, Yellowish Shade

  • The colors in the Copic Sketch Markers 72 E set are: BG75, Abyss Green; RV99, Argyle Purple; V22, Ash Lavender; E70, Ash Rose; RV95, Baby Blossoms; RV63, Begonia; E30, Bisque; BV34, Bluebell; BG78, Bronze; B66, Clematis; C-00, Cool Gray No. 00; E18, Copper; RV52, Cotton Candy; G0000, Crystal Opal; R56, Currant; R89, Dark Red; V93, Early Grape; V28, Eggplant; RV0000, Evening Primrose; E87, Fig; E0000, Floral White; BG90, Gray Sky; RV91, Grayish Cherry; E23, Hazelnut; RV55, Hollyhock; BG72, Ice Cream; BG53, Ice Mint; E81, Ivory; BG57, Jasper; E84, Khaki; Y18, Lightning Yellow; YG0000, Lily White; YR12, Loquat; YR30, Macadamia Nut; G03, Meadow Green; YR82, Mellow Peach; G46, Mistletoe; BG70, Ocean Mist; BG000, Pale Aqua; V25, Pale Blackberry; B0000, Pale Celestine; YR0000, Pale Chiffon; G000, Pale Green; V000, Pale Heath; Y000, Pale Lemon; YG61, Pale Moss; RV000, Pale Purple; BV0000, Pale Thistle; YR01, Peach Puff; E89, Pecan; RV69, Peony; R0000, Pink Beryl; R01, Pinkish Vanilla; G43, Pistachio; YR15, Pumpkin Yellow; RV66, Raspberry; E17, Reddish Brass; R83, Rose Mist; R81, Rose Pink; V0000, Rose Quartz; R85, Rose Red; E42, Sand White; R21, Sardonyx; RV93, Smoky Purple; BG0000, Snow Green; B69, Stratospheric Blue; YR27, Tuscan Orange; BV01, Viola; W-00, Warm Gray No. 00; RV00, Water Lily; V20, Wisteria; Y0000, Yellow Fluorite
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