32 Paper Mate Flair Pens

What is one of the most annoying things about colored art supplies? It is when they do not have names on the art supply. For one it makes it hard to know how many colors are truly available and two it makes it hard to be able to use a certain color especially when the caps do not match.

There are color names even if they are not on the cap and I found them. I was able to label all my supplies and now I will never wonder. These supplies come from the standard post, candy pop and tropical colors. I will post those boxes soon and the colors in them also. These pens are 0.7mm size, the medium size. The flair pens come in 0.4mm, 0.7mm and 1.2mm.

32 Paper Mate Flair Pen Colors

There are 32 total flair pen colors. Here are all the colors labeled. The 32 Paper Mate Flair Pens color names are: plum, raspberry fizz, orchid lei, strawberry, magenta, pink, cranberry, red, papaya, guava, tangerine, marigold, salted caramel, yellow, olive, green, lime, gummy green, surf's up, sky blue, scuba dive, blueberry bubble gum, navy, blue, lilac, grape gum, passion fruit, black, slate, pumpkin, and mocha.

Collecting Information

Here is the box information.

Boxes: 32 Paper Mate Flair! Felt Tip Pens Vibrant Colors
Year: 2019
Part Numbers: 2119058
UPC Numbers: 071641138667
Manufacturing Location: Mexico
Where to buy: Amazon

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