Tips For Adult Coloring Using A Harry Potter Book

Have you ever wanted to start a coloring page but had no idea what colors to choose or what book to use? In this post I will guide you through choosing the right coloring book and the perfect color palette.

These are steps to take when creating a beautiful coloring page but do not need to be taken in the same order. Sometimes the color palette is chosen first, sometimes the coloring pages, sometimes the medium to use. 

Choose a coloring book. Look at the paper. What is it made for? Smooth paper will work well with markers and a paper with some tooth will work well with colored pencils. Thick paper will work well with watercolors. A copy can be made is the paper is not appropriate. This can be done with a photocopier or tracing the image. For this blog post I chose a Harry Potter coloring page and made a copy.

Choose a supply to use. One medium can be used or a mix of mediums can be used  I like to use colored pencils and markers together. For this page I used Crayola Super Tips.

Make sure the colors are labeled and write down which ones are used. It is super important to know what the colors are that are being used. This will help when adding details later to ensure the wrong color is not put down. These markers are not labeled. I labeled them and made a swatch chart. Click here to get a swatch chart for 120 Super Tips.

Pick a color palette. I like to pick 2-4 colors unless I am doing a rainbow pattern. Complimentary colors are opposite on the color wheel. Analogous colors are next to one another. Rainbow order are all the colors. Click here to read more on color theory.

Lastly sit down, color and enjoy! Coloring can be an extremely relaxing activity. Artwork can be displayed afterwards and treasured for a long time. 

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Always creating halfway homemade goodies, Laura from Me and My INKlings is sharing a Bowtruckle Bread with Free Bakery Printable. Fantastic Beasts’ Jacob Kowalski would be proud to serve these delicious treats at his bakery!


Blanca from Creativities Galore has created Harry Potter Favor Bags that are perfect for any wizard inspired party. Fill with magical goodies and gift to that special boy or girl.


Head over to The Girl Creative to download Diana’s free printable Harry Potter Word Search. A fun activity to complete after reading the books or watching the movies. A fun (and sneaky) way to work on vocabulary with the kiddos.


Candice of She’s Crafty Crafty is sharing a free cut file to create your very own Harry Potter Fund Jar. Savings is an important lesson for the kiddos. What will your fund be for - books, movies, or a trip?


One of the most important words in Harry Potter is captured in this DIY Always Hat that Michelle of Michelle’s Party Plan-It created with her Cricut cutting machine. 'Always' tells Dumbledore that everything Snape had done and will do is in the name of his love for Lily Potter.


For a complete reference guide, Marissa from Rae Gun Ramblings is sharing a Free Printable Harry Potter Spells List which is a must for any wizard! Click through to see how she made the coordinating magical Wand Pencils.


Jenny from Jenny’s Crayon Collection is sharing Tips for Adult Coloring with a Harry Potter Book. This fabulous quote that Queenie said to Jacob in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is perfect in a rainbow of colors.

Team Creative Crafts Harry Potter Crafts 

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