Sharpie Portrait 12 Markers

I have some very exciting news today! Sharpie has come out with Portrait Colors markers in 2022. Ohuhu came out with a portrait set this year and Crayola came out with Colors of the World a few years ago. The Sharpie Portrait colors set contains 12 shades of markers to represent various skin tones. Many Sharpie fans have been waiting for years for skin tone markers. These will help artists be able to represent skin tone colors in their drawing so much easier. These colors also make Sharpie better able to compete with Ohuhu lines and Copic lines of markers. Now if all their markers were made in brush.

This box of Sharpies was sent as a sample from Sharpie. This blog post contains affiliate links.

Here are the colors of the Portrait color Sharpies: Americano, Marzipan, Classic Brown, Butterscotch, Salted Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Cinnamon Latte, Creme Brulee, Toasted Gingerbread, Peanut Brittle, Black Forest Gateau and Dulce De Leche. This is the order the colors come in the packaging. Make sure to label them before taking them out! This makes the total color count of Sharpie markers 87 now!

I decided to color a Manga page because now I could color skin tones! And yes I know some the colors are outside the lines, need to practice more. I used the Portrait markers and the brush markers.

Here are all the colors arranged in color order from light to dark.

Here is the back of the Portrait color box.


  1. Thank You for listing the names. <3

  2. Temporarily Out of Stock on Amazon :(

  3. Where did you find the names of the colors?

  4. Any chance you plan on revising the Sharpie Colors Swatch Chart to include these colors?

  5. I don't understand Sharpie, how hard is it for them to include a generated small chart of 12 or 24 colors set?!! I bought a 25 pack in Canada, there's a few color difference than set in US. The agent was super helpful got back to me with colors, he mentioned he replies customers with color list 3x/day.

  6. Great review, thank you! I need this, and ultra fine tips too!