2022 Sharpie Brush Twin Markers 12 count

I first saw the Sharpie Brush twin at Creativation Art Materials in 2022. At that time there was a possibility of 24 brush markers from Sharpie. I was more excited about this than I was about the fact they had the ultra fine tip on the bottom which is also pretty cool too. How it works with stores is companies will pitch ideas and stores will pick them up. I do not think any stores picked them up because they are not for sale. They did appear on Amazon for a time, but there is no inventory. Here is crossing my fingers the 24 pack shows up sometime.

That aside the Brush Twin Sharpie markers are really cool They can product 3 different size lines and are great for coloring and lettering work. They include a brush tip and an ultra fine point tip. No more searching for markers. What is also really great is the ultra fine point is on the marker and the color matches the brush tip.  Sharpie does not label their markers, and this could be a tricky task otherwise. Sharpie has some other Brush Tips I will post about, but these markers are different in design. They have a thicker barrel and the tip is slightly different. I colored with them and they were much faster to use than the regular Sharpie fine point. I know my kids would like these more too. Here is the box.

This box of Sharpies was sent as a sample from Sharpie. This blog post contains affiliate links.

Here is the color range and the different sizes the tips can make.

The 2022 Sharpie Brush Twin 12 markers include: magenta, berry, red, orange, yellow, lime, green, turquoise, blue, purple, brown, black

Here are all the markers.

Here is the back of the Sharpie box.

Collecting Information 
This is the first release of the Sharpie Brush Twin Markers.

Year: 2022
Purchase Information: Gift from Sharpie
Where to buy: Amazon
Part Numbers: 2173754
UPC Numbers: 071641204409
Manufacturing Location: Assembled in USA


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