128 OLO Markers

This spring I had the opportunity to see the new OLO marker. This marker is a super cool new alcohol on the market in 2022 with patented technology. This ink is not in a sponge like a Crayola marker, but is free flowing to the nib. This means that more of the ink can be used. The marker contains 4ml of ink, which is twice as much as other marker on the market. The marker comes in brush and chisel tips. 

Here is a sheet of all the 128 OLO Marker colors. This blog post contains affiliate links.

The markers comes with two ends that are screwed together in the middle. That means that the marker can be configured however the user wants. They could have different colors attached to one another, different tips attached etc.

Here is an example of the brush/nib configuration.

The top of every marker contains its color name and number. The letter represents the color family, love that it is super easy to understand!
  • BK Black
  • B Blue
  • BG Blue Green
  • BV Blue Violet
  • CG Cool Gray
  • G Green
  • O Orange
  • OR Orange Red
  • R Red
  • RG Red Grey
  • RV Red Violet
  • V Violet
  • WG Warm Gray
  • Y Yellow
  • YG Yellow Green
  • YO Yellow Orange

The markers come in 128 piece, 64 piece, 32 piece, and 16 piece collections. They come in half marker sizes and then are attached with a ring. The other accessories include: OLO brush nib, chisel nip, connector rings, brush handle (which I would love) and a 128 and 64 piece marker stand.

I am not seeing an 8 piece on the website, but it might be available other places.

Here is a pretty picture that was colored using these markers. It looks like it was printed it is so good!

Here is the color wheel. I love their methodical naming system that divides into color families and the numbers get more intense the more saturated and darker they are.

What do you think of these markers? I would love to get my hands on a set. I was going to save up to buy a COPIC marker complete set one day, but these seem a lot easier to come by and the colors are so pretty. Click here to find these markers.

Here is a complete list of all the 128 OLO marker colors:
  • Zero 0, Pure Black K, Blue Black BK, Red Black RK, B0.3 Kyanite, B0.5 Blue Sapphire, B0.6 Lapis Lazuli, B0.7 Ultramarine, B2.0 Ice, B2.2 Sky, B2.4 Bluebird, B2.6 Azure, B4.3 Vintage Blue, B4.6 Blueberry, B4.7 Denim, BG0.4 Turquoise, BG0.7 Blue Iguana, BG0.8 Deep Sea, BG2.1 Sea Glass, BG2.3 Aqua Green, BG2.4 Fluorite, BG2.7 Peacock, BG7.0 Forest Mist, BG7.2 Silver Jade, BG7.3 Blue Spruce, BG7.6 Grandidierite, BV2.0 Light Periwinkle, BV2.2 Periwinkle, BV2.3 Hyacinth, BV2.6 Indigo, BV4.2 Belflower, BV4.4 Globe Thistle, BV4.5 Concord Grape, BV4.7 Elderberry, CG0 Cool Gray 0, CG1 Cool Gray 1, CG3 Cool Gray 3, CG5 Cool Gray 5, CG7 Cool Gray 7, CG9 Cool Gray 9, G0.1 Jadeite Glass, G0.4 Jade, G1.4 Spearmint, G1.7 Evergreen, G1.8 Mallard, O2.2 Cantaloupe, O2.4 Golden Poppy, O2.5 Caramel, O2.7 Cinnamon, O7.1 Pug, O7.3 Macaque, O7.7 Golden Eagle, O7.8 Smoky Quartz, OR1.4 Glam, OR1.3 Papaya, OR2.0 Scallop, OR2.2 Shrimp, OR2.3 Salmon, OR2.5 Goldfish, OR2.6 Red Ochre, OR3.2 Cashew, OR3.4 Latte, OR3.7 Mocha, OR3.8 Coffee, OR4.2 Pink Granite, OR4.4 Rosy Bonnet, OR4.7 Chocolate, OR4.8 Cacao Bean, OR7.1 Sand, OR7.2 Rose Beige, OR7.4 Milk Tea, OR7.6 Light Walnut, R0.1 White Peach, R0.2 Pink Lemonade, R0.3 Coral, R0.4 Red Grapefruit, R0.5 Vermillion, R0.6 Cranberry, R1.5 Lingonberry, R1.7 Carmine, R1.8 Maroon, R5.1 Peony, R5.3 Dusty Rose, R5.5 Astilbe, R5.7 Amaranth, RG3 Red Gray 3, RG5 Red Gray 5, RG6 Red Gray 6, RG7 Red Gray 7, RV0.1 Cotton Candy, RV0.2 Bubble Gum, RV0.4 Hot Pink, RV0.6 Dragon Fruit, V0.3 Aster, R0.4 Mallow, V1.1 Heather, V1.6 Petunia, V2.3 Beautyberry, V2.4 Violet, V2.6 Royal Purple, V2.7 Eggplant, V2.8 Blackberry, V4.1 Wild Geranium, V4.3 Chive Blossom, V7.6 Fig, WG0 Warm Gray 0, WG1 Warm Gray 1, WG3 Warm Gray 3, WG5 Warm Gray 5, WG7 Warm Gray 7, WG9 Warm Gray 9, Y1.1 Ginger, Y1.2 Light Yellow, Y2.0 Elderflower, Y2.2 Daffodil, Y2.3 Buttercup, Y8.6 Fennel Seed, Y8.7 Dark Bronze, YG2.1 Brimstone, YG2.3 Muscat Grape, YG2.5 Avocado, YG8.3 Lichen, YG8.5 Moss, YG8.7 Fern, YO2.2 Pudding, YO2.3 Butterscotch, YO2.5 Yellow Ochre, YO2.7 Sepia

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