Crayola changed the Confetti Crayons

Crayola has done it again and surprised me! When the first confetti crayons came out I was super surprised because they were releasing specialty crayons from 1990's and 2000's that had not been around in a long time.

I noticed this 24 box of confetti crayons on the right at Walmart and saw the box design was significantly different than the old box design. The old box design match all the other new crayons that came out in 2020. But the confetti crayons are not shiny and I think this box reflects the crayons better.

Not only was the box design different, but the colors were different too. Most of the colors are a little more saturated with some colors like Party Fish and Sunset Luau being completely different. Here is the comparison.

The Crayola Confetti crayons contain three different colors in the crayon. It is a patented technology.

Here is the 2020 version of the Crayola Confetti crayons.

Here is the 2023 version of the confetti crayons.

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  1. Did Crayola change the Glitter Crayons in 2023? Thank You!