How To Make Friendship Bracelets (Taylor Swift Eras Tour Version)

Recently I had the opportunity to go the Taylor Swift Eras Tour in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Allegiant Stadium. This was the 2nd stop for the Eras tour and I had heard that people were going to exchange friendship bracelets. I knew I wanted to make some and exchange them. In this blog post I will show you how I made the bracelets and then what I wish I would have done differently in exchanging them.

To make friendship bracelets for the Era's tour any type of beads will do as long as there are letters. Letters are what is used to make the different song titles for each bracelet. This is a kit I picked up at Target with white, silver and black letters. I did not use it for the Las Vegas stop, but I am going again in New York and will make some more bracelets.

Find some bracelet supplies on Amazon. Buying at Michael's and Target was convenient, but the beads were a little more money. But on Amazon to save some money, especially if making a ton.

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I picked up some beads, letters and string from Michaels. I wish I had had more letters to choose from. I am excited to use the above kit because the letters are available in alphabetical order and I do not have to base the bracelet based off the color of beads I find. I chose the stretchy string because it is easier to fit onto different sized hands. I also found that some holes on the beads were too small for the string. I am going to have to buy smaller string to use them.

The key to making these bracelets is to come up with cool sayings in the middle. These can be song titles, initials of the songs, random inside Swiftie jokes or allusions from the songs. Click here to get over 100 bracelet ideas or over 550 bracelet ideas featuring songs, albums and inside Swiftie jokes.

To get started I measured the string a little longer than my wrist.

Then I tied a bead to one end of the string. This bead will change later, but it helps the beads from coming off when they are being put on.

I tried to make color patterns with the beads I had. I really want to do another Me bracelet. I love this color palette.

I took the bead off the end and then tied the bracelet together. I then tucked the ends of the string into the beads.

I then put them in a plastic bag to bring with me to the tour. I put these beads in a clear purse and had no problem getting in.

I made the mistake of putting these beads in my bag and not on my wrist. In order to see other people that want to trade the bracelets have to be displayed. I would recommend putting the ones to trade on one wrist and the others to not trade on the other wrist.

Since I did not find anyone to trade with I found people to give them to that had cool costumes. Here are some girls that had steller outfits!

Here is a mother daughter duo that were sitting by me. It made me wish my daughter was at the concert with me.

I found someone celebrating their 50th birthday at the concert. How cool is that?

Lastly I found someone that was super pregnant and super cute and gave them a bracelet. 

Here is someone I wished I had given a bracelet. She had a super cute outfit. I also gave one to my sister, and a friend and her daughters, but do not have pictures of that.

It was so fun to give these bracelets out at the concert. I would highly recommend it. Everyone was so happy to receive one. Next concert I am going to I will make 20-40 bracelets and trade away. What concert are you going to? Are you going to make bracelets?

Find some bracelet supplies on Amazon.

Click here to get over 100 bracelet ideas or over 550 bracelet ideas featuring songs, albums and inside Swiftie jokes.

Here are all the friendship bracelets I made for the Eras Tour. I can not wait to make some more.

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