The Best Learning Toys 2023 Edition

In September I had the opportunity to go to Toy Fair and saw a ton of cool toys from a lot of different companies. I had the privilege of visiting Educational Insights, Learning Resources and Hand2Mind. Here are some of my favorite toys I saw at the show.

These toys were provided in exchange for an honest review.

Farmer's Market Color Sorting Set Play Food, Fruits and Vegetables Toy Find on Amazon

This sorting set is one of my FAVORITE toys I saw at toy fair. When I taught preschool I did a unit on fruits and vegetables. And guess what, when kids learn to love vegetables and fruit at a young age they remember it and love it when they get older. I am giving this to my daughter for Christmas. I can not wait to see her play with it for hours!

Number Blocks Cubes 1-10 on Amazon, 11-20 on Amazon

Number Blocks is a great show on Netflix that teaches kids all about numbers, patterns of numbers, properties of numbers, adding, subtracting, the list goes on. These sets are so fun for kids to follow along with the show. I already gave the 1-10 set to my daughter. She has so much fun playing with them. They are characters to her and she is learning all about numbers.

Changing Seasons Sensory Tubes Find on Amazon

It is so important for kids to learn about the different seasons. This set teaches kids all about the different seasons in a sensory way that will entertain them and help provide a relaxing activity.

Cupful of Feelings Cafe Find on Amazon

My daughter loves anything to do with the kitchen. I have not given this to her, but I am sure she will be making lots of "hot chocolate" with this playset. This playset lets kids imagine making drinks, but they can also express themselves and associate feelings with the different accessories.

S'mores Break Find on Amazon

This S'mores break playset is a great set for sensory play and the cards also have activities that help children relax and explore their feelings. With the poster they can express their feelings for the day and the cards have different activities.

Human Body Activity Set Find on Amazon

I do not know why, but my daughter is obsessed with bones and the human body. I can not wait to give this to her and play with her and teach her even more about the human body. 

BrainBolt Genius Find on Amazon

Educational Insights makes some great games. BrainBolt is a brain teaser memory game. The challenge is to remember the light sequence as long as possible without breaking the sequence. I am giving this to my older kids for Christmas.

Kanoodle Find on Amazon Pyramid, Original Game

Kanoodle is another great game from Educational Insights. These are only two examples of the games. There are others available. These are 2-D and 3-D puzzles. The book shows how the initial pieces go, but then it is up to the player to figure out how the remaining fit in. The other game below is Kanoodle Pyramid. It plays the same as the other game, but the pieces will fit together in a pyramid.

Reel Big Catch Game Find on Amazon

And the last game is Reel Big Catch Game. The fish fold up and the size of the fish is not known until the child picks it up. Kids will have a blast picking up the fish over and over again.

I hope you enjoyed the toys. They were some of the favorite ones I saw. Which one is your favorite?

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