Sharpie Glam Pop Markers

Sharpie came out with the Glam Pop markers in 2023. There is a pack of Glam Pop Sharpie permanent markers that will contain 36 markers and come out in 2024. The 24 pack contains two "new" colors. These colors were mystery colors before. Sharpie releases packs at the holidays time and has had mystery colors in these packs the past three years. The new colors are bright purple and dusty rose. Dusty rose does not seem that glam pop to me, but oh well. The markers come in Ultra Fine and Fine markers.

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Here are the Ultra Fine Markers.
Click here to find these markers: Ultra Fine, Fine.

Here are the Fine markers.


Here are swatches of all the colors in the Glam pop marker set.

The colors in the 24 glam pop sharpie set include:
  • magenta, jellie pink, electric pink, dusty rose, pink lemonade, jupiter red, red, racey red, solar flare red, orange, tangerine, yellow, supersonic yellow, lime, mint, jetset jade, aqua, surf, turquoise, peacock blue, techno blue, valley girl violet, bright purple and black.

Here are the back of the Sharpie boxes.


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