4, 16, and 24 Count Crayola Washable Crayons: What's Inside the Box

Crayola washable crayons have been around for a while, but only was it in 2014 that they were given new packaging and a new name, Ultra-Clean ColorMAX.  These boxes are the boxes before those boxes were introduced.  I am sure there are more out there, but I am happy to have a few.  They are super washable and wipe off easily from the wall, something I'm really glad for with a two year old :)

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How are the crayons so washable and how were they tested? In the patent it says, "The crayons obtained had excellent washability. Crayon marks were made on various surfaces by applying 5 hand strokes on top of each other. The crayon marks were easily washed off painted tile boards having two coats of flat white paint thereon. A wet paper towel was employed to wipe off the marks. The marks wiped off completely as determined visually. The crayon marks were similarly washed off wallpaper. Crayon marks on fabrics, 100% cotton and 50/50 cotton/polyester, were washed off in a clothes washing machine using TIDE.TM. powder detergent with a hot water wash. The fabrics were dried under the normal drying setting. The marks were removed completely, as determined visually. No residual stain was observed on all substrates tested above."

Collecting Information
Boxes: 16 Large Washable Crayons (2011), 24 Washable Crayons (2011), 4 Washable Crayons (2013)
Year: 2011, 2013
Other Boxes: There are lots of other washable boxes, the 16 count box is -212 and the 24 count box is -208, 2017 64 Count Box
What's inside the box: 
16 Large Washable Crayons (2011), brown, black, white, violet (purple), blue violet, blue, blue green, green, yellow green, yellow, yellow orange, red orange, red, red violet, carnation pink
24 Washable Crayons (2011), blue green, blue, blue violet, yellow, green, red, carnation pink, red orange, red violet, apricot, black, white, brown, yellow green, cerulean, violet red, orange, yellow orange, gray, dandelion, green yellow, violet (purple), indigo, scarlet.
4 Washable Crayons (2013), yellow, blue, red and green
Purchase information: JoAnn Fabrics, Staples
Where to buy: eBay, Amazon (16 Large crayons), Amazon (24 Crayons), Anywhere that sells Crayola on newer boxes
Patents: US Patent: 6039797, "Washable marking composition", David C. Fistner, Binney & Smith Inc.
Style Numbers: 52-3281 (16 Large  Crayons), 52-6924 (24  Crayons), 52-6904 (4  Crayons)
Code Numbers: 52-3281-0-212 (16 Large  Crayons), 52-6924-0-208 (24 Crayons), 52-6904-0-200 (4  Crayons)
UPC: 071662032814 (16 Large Crayons), 071662069247 (24  Crayons), 071662169046 (4 crayons)

16 Large Washable Crayons

The Washable crayon first saw the washable crayon box introduced into mainstream crayons boxes starting 2011 but I did not see it in stores until 2013.

2011 24 Washable Crayons

I first found the Washable Crayons in 2013 with a 4 count box from Walmart in the school supply section.

2013 4 Count washable crayons

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