Crayola Tri-Color Markers: What's In the Box

The Washable Tri-Color Markers are very neat markers, there are three tips in one.  They are similar to the Tri-Color True to life colored pencils and markers. They colors are: 5 shades, Bold Tones, Neon Brights, Royal Hues, Tropic Shades, Classic Colors. I have been looking at these for a while in the store and was so excited to get them in my hands.  I opened the packaging to look for at the markers and will be using them soon.  I have a feeling my kids are really going to like them.

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Collecting Information
Boxes: Crayola Washable Tri-Color Markers
Other boxes:
Year: 2013
What's inside the box: Bold Tones, Neon Brights, Royal Hues, Tropic Shades, Classic Colors
Purchase Information: Crayola Store
Where to buy:  eBay
Style Numbers: 58-8177
Code Numbers: 8-8177-0-300
UPC Numbers: 071662081775

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