Playskool Crayons and Colored Pencils: What's Inside the Box

Did you know that Playskool makes crayons and colored pencils?  I found these Playskool crayons and colored pencils from the Dollar Spot or Bull's Eye Playground at Target.  The crayons and colored pencils are not named.  The quality is also not as good as other brands, none of the crayons had been used when I took a picture, but they were only one dollar.

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Collecting Information
Boxes: Playskool 24 Bright Colors crayons, Playskool 8 Colored pencils (Hasbro Company)
Other Boxes:
Year: 2015
What's inside the box: 
no names on crayons or colored pencils
Approximate names in 24 count crayon box: black, grey, white, brown, orchid, purple, navy, blue, turquise, light blue, green, green yellow, yellow green, yellow, green orange, yellow orange, peach, orange, red orange, orange red, red, magenta, light pink, pink
Approximate names in 8 count crayon box: pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown
Approximate names in 8 count colored pencil box: red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, blue, brown, black
Where to buy: eBay
DPCI Number:  234-25-138 (Colored Pencils), 234-25-256 (Jumbo crayons), 234-25-256 (24 crayons)
Part Number: 11171-076-1510 (Colored Pencils), 11036-022-1510 (Jumbo crayons), 11034-022-1510(24 crayons)
UPC Numbers: 788958111718 (Colored Pencils), 788958110360 (Jumbo crayons), 788958110346 (24 crayons)

2015 Playskool 24 crayons

2015 Playskool 8 crayons

2015 Playskool 8 colored pencils

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