Crayola Pencil Case Speaker: What's Inside the Case

Did you know that Crayola makes pencil case speakers? Neither did I until one of my friends sent me this Pencil Case Speaker. It comes with a pencil pouch with a speaker inside. There is a Universal 3.5mm output to attach the phone to. My daughter can not wait to use this.

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Collecting Information
Items: Crayola Pencil Case Speaker
Other related items: There are two other pencil case speaker designs I have seen.
Manufacturer/Partner: DGL Group
Year: 2015
What's inside the box: 1 Pencil Case Speaker with Universal 3.5mm input
Purchase Information: Target Dollar Shot or Bull's Eye Playground
Where to buy: eBay or Amazon
Part Number: CRA-PCS-ASST PO 4081 Ref 20150415EL
UPC Numbers: 888255137258
Manufacturing Location: Dongguan, Guangdong, China

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