Crayola Fun Effects! Twistables Crayons: What's Inside the Box

Overview and Review

Crayola has many different Twistable crayon sets. The Crayola Fun Effects! Twistables crayons contain 8 neon crayons, 8 metallic crayons, and 8 rainbow crayons. The rainbow crayons consist of 4 colors. I call them quad color. Crayola has made other multi color art supplies, True to Life Colored Pencils and Tri-Color Markers. The multi color produces a fun effect on the paper which really excites kiddos. The neon and metallic colors are also really fun to color with. I definitely recommend this over the standard Twistables pack. 

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Color Info and Where to Find

Boxes: 24 Fun Effects! Twistables Crayons
What's inside the box: Crayons not individually labeled or labeled on the back. The back of the box specifies there are Neon, Metals and Rainbow crayons.
Purchase Information: Walmart
Where to buy:  eBay and Amazon or any place that sells Crayola products

Collecting Information

Other boxes: 27 Special Effects! Twistables Crayons (this one has three Special Effect crayons)
Year: 2012
Style Numbers: 52-9824
Code Numbers: 52-9824-0-202
UPC Numbers: 071662098247
Manufacturing Location: China

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