Crayola Promotional 4 Count Boxes: What's Inside the Box

Crayola makes promotional boxes for different reasons. Sometimes they are for promoting a contest or event like Dandelion's retirement, samples of new crayons, a themed set like this one from 2014 or company sponsors. The Construction Paper crayons, Gel FX crayons, Washable crayons and Metallic crayons. These crayons were given out as samples of new crayon boxes around the same time these boxes were debuted. The Construction Paper crayons came out in 1998, the Gel FX crayons came out in 2001, The Metallic crayons came out in 2000. These boxes were probably given out to promote those crayons.

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Collecting Information
Boxes: 4 Count Crayola Boxes; Construction Paper, Gel FX and Easter Metallic and Metallic FX
Other boxes: Construction Paper Crayons, Gel FX crayons, Metallic crayons
Year: 1999 (Construction Paper), 2001 (Gel FX, Easter Metallic and Metallic FX)
What's inside the box: 
Construction Paper: red, yellow, light blue, purple
Gel FX: red, yellow, sea green, robin's egg blue
Metallic FX: bittersweet shimmer, gold fusion, illuminating emerald, b' dazzled blue
Easter Metallic: big dip o' ruby, gold fusion, metallic seaweed, cyber grape
Purchase Information: eBay
Where to buy:  eBay
Style Numbers: 52-0004 (Construction Paper), 52-9504 (Gel FX), 52-9604 (Metallic FX), 52-6804 ( Easter Metallic)
Code Numbers: 52-0004-0-218 (Construction Paper), 52-9504-0-200 (Gel FX), 52-9604-0-200 (Metallic FX), 52-6804-0-200 (Easter Metallic)
UPC Numbers: no UPC on Construction Paper Crayons or Easter Metallic Crayons, 071662195045 (Gel FX), 071662196042 (Metallic FX)
Manufacturing Location: USA

1999 4 Count Crayola Construction Crayons

2001 4 Count Crayola Gel FX Crayons
2001 4 Count Crayola Metallic FX Crayons
2001 4 Count Crayola Easter Metallic Crayons

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