Crayola Scentsations Markers

Crayola came out with the Scentsations in the early 2000's. These markers were not available in the US as far as I can tel. There are some very fun scents in the package I have not seen before like Marigold. I can not wait for these to come to the US if they ever do so I can get some. The pictures in this blog post were provided by Stacy Hodges.

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Collecting Information
Boxes: 10 Crayola Scentsations Markers
Other boxes: These are still being made, but not available in the US for purchase
Year: 2003
What's inside the box: Orange-Orange, Red-Cherry, Violet-Grape, Black-Burnt Marshmallow, Marigold-Honeysuckle, Raspberry-Wild Berry, Yellow-Lemon, Forest Green-Forest Pine, Green-Green Apple, Blue-Blueberry
Purchase Information: Stacey Hodges Picture
Where to buy:  eBay
Style Numbers: 58-8149
Code Numbers: 58-8149-C-201
UPC Numbers: 063652814906
Manufacturing Location: USA

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