Crayola 8 Count Boxes

Here are the classic 8 count Crayola boxes. The 8 count box has been around for over 100 years, with the first box appearing at the 1904 world fair in St. Louis. The difference between the two boxes shown below is one of them, the one on the left is a tuck box and the one on the right has a hanging tag at the top. For school one year my daughters back to school list specified a 24 count tuck box. I had no idea what a tuck box was until then. But now I know.

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Color Information and Color List
Boxes: Crayola 8 Count tuck and regular boxes
What's inside the box: black, brown, violet (purple), blue, green, yellow, orange, red
Purchase Information: unknown
Where to buy:  eBayAmazon
Collecting Information
Year: 2010
Other boxes: There are many other boxes
Style Numbers: 52-3008
Code Numbers: 52-3008-0-211 (Regular box), 52-3008-0-218 (Tuck box)
UPC Numbers: 071662000080 (Regular box),  071662000087 (Tuck box)
Manufacturing Location: USA

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