Giant Chest of Crayons: What's Inside the Box with Torch Red

Crayola came out with the Giant Chest of Crayons 120 count crayon box in 1997. It was one of the first times Crayola put 120 crayons in a box. Crayola still continues delivering crayons in this method today. Inside there is a crayon sharpener, on 48 count box and 2 24 count boxes. They used standard crayon boxes instead of sleeves. Obviously the boxes did not contain the normal 24 and 48 crayons found in the box, otherwise there would be duplicates. The change to sleeves did not happen until the 2010's.

This box is especially significant because it contains torch red, a color that was not around for very long and later changed to scarlet. When I received this box in the mail along with a whole bunch of other crayon boxes. The 24 and 48 crayons had been separated and I thought did not have it :( I searched through about the 100 boxes I received and was super happy when I finally found it!

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Color Information 
Boxes: Crayola Giant Chest of Crayons, 120 crayons
What's inside the box: 
mauvelous, lavender, orchid, thistle, tickle me pink, carnation pink, pig pink, mulberry, fuchsia, red violet, cranberry, pink flamingo, purple pizzazz, magenta, violet red, razzmatazz, torch red, red, wild strawberry, maroon, brick red, cerise, salmon, melon, hot magenta, cotton candy, brink pink, sunset orange, razzle dazzle rose, shocking pink, radical red, wild watermelon, red orange, outrageous orange, neon carrot, atomic tangerine, vivid tangerine, orange, yellow orange, macaroni and cheese, apricot, sunglow, unmellow yellow, banana mania, dandelion, goldenrod, yellow, canary, laser lemon, green yellow, spring green, electric lime, screamin' green, yellow green, granny smith apple, magic mint, olive green, shamrock, mountain meadow, fern, forest green, jungle green, pine green, asparagus, tropical rain forest, green, sea green, caribbean green, robin's egg blue, aquamarine, turquoise blue, blue green, teal blue, sky blue, periwinkle, blizzard blue, cornflower, cerulean, midnight blue, blue, pacific blue, outer space, denim, navy blue, manatee, cadet blue, blue bell, purple mountain's majesty, royal purple, plum, violet, blue violet, purple heart, vivid violet, eggplant, wisteria, black, shadow, gray, timber wolf, silver, white, almond, gold, antique brass, copper, raw sienna, fuzzy wuzzy brown, burnt sienna, indian red, bittersweet, mahogany, burnt orange, tan, peach, brown, sepia, beaver, desert sand, tumbleweed
Purchase Information: received from collector
Where to buy:  eBay

Collecting Information
This box is especially collectible because it contains torch red and many other retired crayon colors; pig pink, brink pink, thistle, blizzard blue, mulberry, magic mint, indian red, and teal blue.
Boxes: Crayola Giant Chest of Crayons, 120 crayons
Other Boxes: 
Year: 1997
Style Numbers: 52-6920 (120 box), 52-0048 (48 count box), 52-3024-0-208 (24 count box), 64-3450
Code Numbers: 52-6920-0-200 (120 box), 52-0048-0-206 (48 count box), 52-3024-0-208 (24 count box)
UPC Numbers: 071662069209 (120 box), 071662000486 (48 count box), 071662000240 (24 count box), 64-3450-0-100 (crayon sharpener)
Manufacturing Location: USA
Where to buy: ebay
Patent: Crayon sharpener: US: 4991299, Canada: 2027343


  1. Every time I go to, it doesn't work.

  2. This box was actually released in 1996 and the title was originally called The Deluxe 120 Crayon Collection, so I believe this is a re release to the 1996 box since the 1996 box doesn't have many crayon boxes, and has 3 sleves of 24 crayons and 3 sleves of 16 crayons, I believe the colors might be the same, This is the original 120 set,

    1. Torch Red is not in the 1996 Deluxe 120.