150 Prismacolor Premier Soft Core Colored Pencils

My husband is always talking about how amazing Prismacolor colored pencils are. He has a set of 24 he bought years ago. Why are Prismacolor colored pencils so good? They have superior lay down characteristics, blending capabilities, shading characteristics and come in rich saturated colors.  I decided I wanted to put them on my website, but why just put on the 24 pack when I could get the 150 set? I scoured the internet and found the Dick Blick Art Materials website. I had never seen it before. They had everything and really good prices. The best part is they were listed as a official vendor on the Prismacolor website. I decided to give the website a try. They came super fast.

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This is a swatch chart for all the colors. Click here to sign up to get that chart. 
Click here to find on Dick Blick Art Materials.
First off I love the box. It comes in a long box with a magnetic lid! This means it will not open up and have pencils spill out everywhere, which happens quite often. The pencils are in trays in individual spots. They come presorted in color order. There are six total trays. The back of the box feature all the color numbers with swatches. I did a YouTube video of all the colors. There is also a swatch chart for all the colors. Click here to sign up to get that chart. 

Click here to find on Dick Blick Art Materials.

Color Information
Here are all the colors in the box. Each pencil contains a color name and a color number.
What's inside the box: 
10 % Cool Grey (PC 1059), 10 % French Grey (PC 1068), 10 % Warm Grey (PC 1050), 20 % Cool Grey (PC 1060), 20 % French Grey (PC 1069), 20 % Warm Grey (PC 1051), 30 % Cool Grey (PC 1061), 30 % French Grey (PC 1070), 30 % Warm Grey (PC 1052), 50 % Cool Grey (PC 1063), 50 % French Grey (PC 1072), 50 % Warm Grey (PC 1054), 70 % Cool Grey (PC 1065), 70 % French Grey (PC 1074), 70 % Warm Grey (PC 1056), 90 % Cool Grey (PC 1067), 90 % French Grey (PC 1076), 90 % Warm Grey (PC 1058), Apple Green (PC 912), Aquamarine (PC 905), Artichoke (PC 1098), Beige (PC 997), Beige Sienna (PC 1080), Black (PC 935), Black Cherry (PC 1078), Black Grape (PC 996), Black Raspberry (PC 1095), Blue Lake (PC 1102), Blue Slate (PC 1024), Blue Violet Lake (PC 1079), Blush Pink (PC 920), Bronze (PC 1028), Burnt Ochre (PC 943), Cadmium Orange Hue (PC 118), Canary Yellow (PC 916), Caribbean Sea (PC 1103), Carmine Red (PC 926), Celadon Green (PC 1020), Cerulean Blue (PC 103), Chartreuse (PC 989), Chestnut (PC 1081), China Blue (PC 1100), Chocolate (PC 1082), Clay Rose (PC 1017), Cloud Blue (PC 1023), Cobalt Blue Hue (PC 133), Cobalt Turquoise (PC 105), Copenhagen Blue (PC 906), Cream (PC 914), Crimson Lake (PC 925), Crimson Red (PC 924), Dahlia Purple (PC 1009), Dark Brown (PC 946), Dark Green (PC 908), Dark Purple (PC 931), Dark Umber (PC 947), Deco Peach (PC 1013), Deco Pink (PC 1014), Deco Yellow (PC 1011), Denim Blue (PC 1101), Dioxazine Purple Hue (PC 132), Eggshell (PC 140), Electric Blue (PC 1040), Expresso (PC 1099), Ginger Root (PC 1084), Goldenrod (PC 1034), Grass Green (PC 909), Green Ocre (PC 1091), Grey Green Light (PC 289), Greyed Lavender (PC 1026), Henna (PC 1031), Hot Pink (PC 993), Imperial Violet (PC 1007), Indanthrone Blue (PC 208), Indigo Blue (PC 901), Jade Green (PC 1021), Jasmine (PC 1012), Kelly Green (PC 1096), Kelp Green (PC 1090), Lavender (PC 934), Lemon Yellow (PC 915), Light Aqua (PC 992), Light Cerulean Blue (PC 904), Light Green (PC 920), Light Peach (PC 927), Light Umber (PC 941), Lilac (PC 956), Limepeel (PC 1005), Magenta (PC 930), Mahogany Red (PC 1029), Marine Green (PC 988), Mediterranean Blue (PC 1022), Metallic Gold (PC 950), Mineral Orange (PC 1033), Moss Green (PC 1097), Mulberry (PC 995), Muted Turquoise (PC 1088), Nectar (PC 1092), Neon Orange (PC 1036), Neon Pink (PC 1035), Neon Yellow (PC 1035), Non-Photo Blue (PC 919), Olive Green (PC 911), Orange (PC 918), Pale Sage (PC 1089), Pale Vermilion (PC 921), Parma Violet (PC 1008), Parrot Green (PC 1006), Peach (PC 939), Peach Beige (PC 1085), Peacock Blue (PC 1027), Peacock Green (PC 907), Permanent Red (PC 122), Periwinkle (PC 1025), Pink (PC 929), Pink Rose (PC 1018), Pomegranate (PC 195), Poppy Red (PC 922), Powder Blue (PC 1087), Process Red (PC 994), Pumpkin Orange (PC 1032), Putty Beige (PC 1083), Raspberry (PC 1030), Rosy Beige (PC 1019), Prussian Green (PC 109), Salmon Pink (PC 1001), Sand (PC 940), Sandbar Brown (PC 1094), Sap Green Light (PC 120), Scarlet Lake (PC 923), Seashell Pink (PC 1093), Sepia (PC 948), Sienna Brown (PC 945), Silver (PC 949), Sky Blue Light (PC 1086), Slate Grey (PC 936), Spanish Orange (PC 1003), Spring Green (PC 913), Sunburst Yellow (PC 917), Terra Cotta (PC 944), True Blue (PC 903), True Green (PC 910), Tuscan Red (PC 937), Ultramarine (PC 902), Violet (PC 932), Violet Blue (PC 933), White (PC 938), Yellow Chartreuse (PC 1004), Yellow Ochre (PC 942), Yellowed Orange (PC 1002), 0
Where to buy: Dick Blick Art Materials has the best price and is an authorized dealer

Part of the really neat thing about professional pencils is the blending capabilities. I created this fun chart to show how to make 144 colors with just 12 Prismacolor Colored Pencils. Click here to get this chart.
Collecting Information
This would be a great set to collect because there is one of every color in this set.
Boxes: 150 Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils
Year: 2018
Purchase Information: Dick Blick Art Materials
Where to buy: Dick Blick Art Materials has the best price and is an authorized dealer
Part Number: 2068530
UPC: 070735003843
Manufacturing Location: Mexico

1 comment:

  1. I love this set, and, when I first got it back in 2018, I loved the box, too. Not anymore though. The magnetic closure is not as secure as I'd like. It can open up, and mine has done so several times. The result was about a hundred of my pencils falling to the floor. Fortunately my art room has carpet on said floor. The trays are flimsy, too. They don't hold the pencils in place very well.

    The pencils themselves are great; I could not ask for better pencils at a reasonable price.
    To keep disasters under control, I now work with sub-sets of colored pencils; usually not more than about 40 or so at one time.