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I first saw the Crayola Pets Crayons box in February when some Crayola fans spotted it on their website. Then when I went to Toy Fair I got to see the whole line on display. The line includes: crayons, colored pencils, a paw print kit, and light-up tracing pad. It is a super cute design. I think the paw print kit could be used for children's handprints also. The paw print kit comes in circles, crescent shapes and stars.

For the crayons, colored pencils and light-up tracing pad a page can be created of a pet from a picture and printed using the Crayola Color Camera App.

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I specifically picked up the crayon and colored pencils. The colors are a little different than the traditional lines. It includes some duplicates. "This special collection includes colors found on most of our favorite pet, so you can capture the perfect likeness of your best friend!"

Color Information 
Boxes: Crayola Pets 50 Colored Pencils, Crayola Pets 64 Crayons
What's inside the box: 
Colored Pencils: khaki, peach, sand, almond, fuzzy wuzzy, razzle dazzle rose, salmon mauvelous, blue violet, lilac, navy blue, wild blue yonder, light blue, sky blue, olive, tropical rainforest, granny smith apple, yellow, golden yellow, mango, harvest gold, orange circuit, red orange, red, mahogany, white, timberwolf, gray,  warm gray, slate, cool gray, ash, silver, outer space, black, black, metallic bronze, metallic cooper, gold beaver, dark brown, dark chocolate, brown, cocoa, light brown, tan, bronze yellow, antique brass, taupe, copper
Crayons: periwinkle, blue green, turquoise blue, wild blue wonder, aquamarine, asparagus, jungle green, green, forest green, screamin' green, olive green, laser lemon, yellow, goldenrod, almond, banana mania, apricot, peach, orange, sunset orange, red orange, melon, bittersweet, brick red, razzmatazz, red, cerise, purple pizzazz, carnation pink, tickle me pink, mauvelous, shadow, beaver, gold, copper, antique brass, sepia, brown, beaver, raw sienna, raw sienna, desert sand, tumbleweed, brown, burnt orange, tan, burnt sienna, mahogany, chestnut, fuzzy wuzzy, chestnut, silver, timberwolf, gray, black, black, white, vivid violet, violet (purple), wisteria, bluetiful, blue, manatee
Purchase Information: Crayola website.
Where to buy:

Collecting Information
Boxes: Crayola Pets 50 Colored Pencils, Crayola Pets 64 Crayons
Other Boxes: This is the first box of Pets Supplies
Year: 2020
Style Numbers:  52-1164 (Crayons), 68-7208 (Pencils)
Code Numbers:  52-1164-0-200 (Crayons), 68-7208-0-200 (Pencils)
UPC Numbers: 071662111649 (Crayons), 071662272081 (Pencils)
Manufacturing Location:  Pencils-Brazil, Crayons-USA
Where to buy:

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