How to Beat Homeschool Boredom with Tutti Frutti Modeling Dough

My kids have been home since March and I found out they will be home for at least 3 days a week at least this next school year. Our school is doing remote learning 3 days and in school learning 2 days a week. The school is operating at 50% capacity. This means they will need more things to do at home. I plan on doing some structured learning with them, All About Spelling and some science/social studies. But I also want them to have some free play activities. I was sent this Tutti Frutti Scented Ice Cream set in exchange for an honest review. 

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Tutti Frutti has all sorts of scented modeling dough kits, ice cream maker, fantasy, cupcake toy, numbers and letters, cat and dog, bubble gum, city cars, picnic, cow and sheep and many more. there are plenty of kids available for whatever the child is interested in.

What's In the Box
The Tutti Frutti ice cream set contains four scented modeling doughs, vanilla, banana, strawberry and chocolate. They can be used individual or mixed together. It contains 3 ice cream cones, one scoop and one injector to make long thin ropes.

Here is what my kids made.
Ice cream scoops.
Twisty ice cream with the long thin ropes.

What Did We Think?
My kids loved playing with the ice cream set and making their own creations. This set is great because it can be used again and again. The set is themed, but the element of free play is there that kids can make whatever they want to make with the different doughs and tools. I would highly recommend this product. The doughs also smell really good. I would not recommend it for people that have sensitivities to perfumes as is the case with most scented kids toys. I would recommend it for kids that like scented toys and art supplies.

Here is the box information.

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