The Perfect Self Portrait Activity for School #Trueselfie

Back to School is right around the corner and it could not be a more perfect time for Crayola to introduce some new crayons and a new project. These crayons are Confetti and Colors of the World. Both can be found at Walmart. To help celebrate the Colors of the World Crayons I joined with Crayola in the #Trueselfie challenge. The kids drew their own self portrait and I used the Color Camera App from the app store to draw some True Selfies. They came out great and really reflected our interests and personalities.

Read on to see tips on how to help kids make their own selfies and how to use the Color Camera App to make a selfie.

Crayola sent us a bunch of supplies to make our selfies. (All opinions are our own).
This is my sons portrait. He really, really likes red. And has for a while. He has red shoes, red backpack, red shorts, a Crayola red bedspread, and a red lamp. In back of him is a train. The inside of the train is right by his head. He started to use orange for his skin. I reminded him that the Colors of the World colors were there and he found his perfect color! I really liked this paper. It is the premium white construction paper. It is thick like card stock and holds the ink really well.

How to Make Selfies
To make True Selfies first find the perfect paper to use. My daughter used a sketchbook. My son and I used Project Premium White Construction Paper. 

Next get out a bunch of supplies for the kids to make their own selfies. Mixing mediums (markers and crayons) is great and is something I highly encourage. I also recommend pulling out that Crayola box of 24-120 crayons to mix with the Colors of the World. Also have the kids find other supplies they want to use. We did not use the stencils, but I am excited to use these giant coloring pages with stencils this coming school year.
My daughter pulled in Confetti, Metallic, Pearl and Glitter crayons.
My kids also pulled in Paint Brush Pens because they are obsessed with them. 

Next have the kids start drawing!
This is my daughters finished project. She really likes nature and making trees with the Paint Brush Pens. She likes to go on lots of adventures. She drew herself as a dragon adventurer with dragon wings and an air tank for high elevations. She also drew her pet dragon Bristle. It really captures her personality.
The last picture shows how to use the Crayola Camera App. Upload a picture. It will turn the picture into a coloring page. Then it can be printed and colored. This is a picture of me with Taylor Swift. I am currently obsessed with her new Folklore album right now. We listen to it every day. I colored this picture before but I could not get our skin and hair colors right. Using the Colors of the World crayons helped so much.
I hope you enjoy these #trueselfie portraits we made and can make them with your own family. Make sure to use the hashtag #trueselfie and tag Crayola and me on Instagram so we can see what you made!

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