Crayola 24 Confetti Crayons

2020 and 2019 have been great years for those that LOVE specialty crayons, like me. Specialty crayons began my love for Crayola crayons. In 2019 Crayola brought back pearl crayons. And then in 2020 Confetti crayons appeared on the market at Walmart. I first heard about them in our collecting facebook group. People were beyond excited and were super excited to check their local Walmart to see if they had them. My Walmart is going through a major renovation and did not have them. Luckily Crayola surprised me by sending me a couple boxes. I was so excited and so was my daughter. I have bought her all the specialty crayons.

These crayons are the same as the Colour Bursts and Color Mix-Up crayons from 1997. Those boxes only had 16 total crayons. 8 new crayons were added to this new box. 8 of them are included in the 168 crayon tub featuring Colors of the World and 120 specialty count box. (I will put those up soon)

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What's Inside the box
This crayon box contains 24 crayons. They contain tiny bubbles of color bursts in each crayon, basically 3 crayons in one.  Here are the swatches. All the colors were super vibrant. There is an error on this swatch chart. red white blue is supposed to be fourth of july. 
Color Information

Here is all the color info. 
What's inside the box: new year's eve, meteor shower, fourth of july, clambake, flamingo festival, carnival corn, garden soiree, winter gala, magenta fiesta, summertime, blizzard blast, mermaid pageant, cupcake sparkles, sunset luau, party fish, campfire jamboree, at the circus, spring break, lime-a palooza, tweed jubilee, pool party, rain drops, birthday child, rose parade
Where to buy: Walmart
What Did I Think?
My first thought was there are a lot of white crayons! I did test a box of Andy Warhol crayons that had like 5 white crayons one time and was super disappointed. But the Confetti white crayons are not really white. They are colorful. It is like a mystery to know what color is going to lay down. It is an amazing surprise. I like the wrapper color, but I do not like the silver text. It is super hard to read. I am all about easy to read wrappers. I like black text personally. That way I can always read it. I would definitely recommend these crayons. They will provide an amazing color experience. I love coloring with tri-color art supplies. I colored with some tri-color colored pencils and they were amazing.

Collecting Information
This is a great box to collect. It may be around a long time, it may be around a short time, but it is a great piece of Crayola history.
Boxes: Crayola 24 Confetti Crayons
Year: 2020
Style Numbers:  52-3407
Code Numbers:  52-3407-0-200
UPC Numbers: 071662034078
Manufacturing Location: USA
Where to buy: Walmart

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  1. I just got these today and they're so cool! I also was suspicious seeing all the white crayons but was also really surprised to find they weren't really white. Pool party is my favorite color out of the box :D