Review: Crayola Signature: Pearlescent Acrylic Paint, Cream Sticks, Paint Markers and Tri-Color Pencils

What Is New For Crayola Signature in 2019?
Crayola has come out with some really cool new Crayola Signature products for 2019. The pearlescent trend is big this year; pearlescent acrylic paint, cream sticks and paint markers. Each of these mediums work a little different. The acrylic paint works like regular paint. It is contained in a tube. The cream sticks work like Slick Stix and comes out like lipstick on the page. Once it dries it does not smear. Paint markers are paint in a marker. They come without ink in the tip. The marker must be shaken and then "pumped" by pushing the tip down over and over again much like the glitter markers.

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What Did I Color and Paint?
Here are some of my art projects!

I made this unicorn silhouette painting using Pearlescent Paints in the background blended together and a unicorn silhouette I cut with my Cricut.. This is a super easy project that kids can even do. So many different silhouettes can be used, dinosaurs, favorite cartoon animals, different animals etc...the possibilities are endless. 

My daughter and I found this canvas print at Target. The paints that came with it were terrible. She attempted to paint the chick with the yellow provided, it was not very saturated at all. She used the Pearlescent Paints making the painting super vibrant. 
Here is her finished product. We also found the paint went a long way which is great. I definitely took out too much paint for her to paint this canvas. We saved the left over paint in a plastic bag and used it for another project.
I colored a picture from Crayola City Escapes with the Pearlescent Cream Sticks, Color Escapes colored pencils, and 100 colored pencils.

The cream sticks have one setting it seems, super saturated. I paired them with colored pencils to created a lighter effect of the color and provide contrast to the print. What I learned while coloring is that the cream sticks can be used as watercolors. If I was going to color this again I might just try using the cream sticks as watercolors to create a lighter effect. I used the watercolor effect on the brown stone buildings by combining orange and black, on the water, on the Statute of Liberty, on the pretzel, red plate, and on the Rockefeller building and clock in the middle. Check out my YouTube video to see how I colored this.
I colored a wooden frame with the Pearlescent Paint Markers. The back of the box said the markers could be used on a variety of surfaces; wood, glass, paper and ceramics. I tried them on glass, but they wiped right off. The wood is super porous and did not wipe up and looked really nice.
I colored a picture from Crayola Coloring Songbook with the Pearlescent paint markers. I found detail work was hard to do with the markers so instead I colored some of the flowers and vines and then "painted" the other portion of the flowers and vines that were still white. It created a cool effect.
I colored a picture from Elaborate Escapes with the Tri-Color Pencils. I love how the different shades in the pencil translated to different shades on the paper. No two flowers or branches were the same. This was probably my favorite page I colored.

What Did I Think?
My favorite art supply from this line is probably the acrylic paint because it had the most color choices. There were 16 color choices and those could be combined. Next favorite was the tri-color pencils. The color palette was so pretty and they produced the prettiest result by far. I also liked the cream sticks because the color was so intense, much more than crayons and they could be used as watercolors. There also was a lot of color in the stick, at least 2 or 3 inches of more color. I like the paint pens because their color was super intense and they could be used on various surfaces. I would probably use them on surfaces over coloring. If I did color on pages with them I would try some more brush techniques.

I was also SUPER excited that all the colors were named. Every single item had a color name on it.
What Would I Change?
I would not change much just little things because they were all so amazing. One thing I would change is to include more colors in the sets, especially brown. I would also include a more purple color in the cream sticks. The purple was almost blue.
Color Information 
Here is all the color information for the new Signature art supplies.
Boxes: 16 Pearlescent Acrylic Paint, 12 Tri-Color Pencils, 10 Pearlescent Cream Sticks, 10 Pearlescent Paint Markers
What's inside the box: 
16 Pearlescent Acrylic Paint: red, orange circuit, golden yellow, yellow green, emerald, aqua green, sky blue, blue bolt, azure, blue violet, violet, cerise, magenta, burnt umber, black, white
12 Tri-Color Pencils: pink posies, lava lake, sunny day, spring seed, ivy vines, tidal wave, blue jay pebble blue, dusk, iris petals, galaxy, grizzly bear
10 Pearlescent Cream Sticks: red, orange circuit, golden yellow, emerald, sky blue, blue bolt, violet, magenta, black, white,
10 Pearlescent Paint Markers: red, orange circuit, golden yellow, emerald, blue bolt, violet, magenta, white, black, iridescent color changer
Purchase Information: bought two products on and received two from Crayola
Where to buy:  eBay, Amazon or any place that sells Crayola products.

2019 Crayola Signature Acrylic Paint

2019 Pearlescent Paint Markers
2019 Pearlescent Cream Sticks
2018 Tri-Color Pencils
Collecting Information
Here is the collecting information.
Boxes: 16 Pearlescent Acrylic Paint, 12 Tri-Color Pencils, 10 Pearlescent Cream Sticks, 10 Pearlescent Paint Markers
Other Boxes: Crayola 2017 Signature Products
Year: 2018 (Tri-Color Pencils) and 2019 (Acrylic Paint, Cream Sticks, Paint Markers)
Style Numbers: 20-2004 (16 Pearlescent Acrylic Paint), 68-2010 (12 Tri-Color Pencils), 52-9507 (10 Pearlescent Cream Sticks), 58-6531 (10 Pearlescent Paint Markers)
Code Numbers: 20-2004-0-200 (16 Pearlescent Acrylic Paint), 68-2010-0-300 (12 Tri-Color Pencils), 52-9507-0-300 (10 Pearlescent Cream Sticks),  58-6531-0-200 (10 Pearlescent Paint Markers)
UPC Numbers: 071662620042 (16 Pearlescent Acrylic Paint), 071662020101 (12 Tri-Color Pencils), 071662095079 (10 Pearlescent Cream Sticks), 071662065317 (10 Pearlescent Paint Markers)
Manufacturing Location: Cream Sicks from South Korea, Tin from China, Colored Pencils from Brazil tin from China, Paint and Paint Markers from China
Where to buy: eBay, Amazon or any place that sells Crayola products.

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  1. You said in 2020 something about Adult crayons bringing back Silver Swirls, and with the revival of specialty crayons I'd love a "Signature Silver Swirls"