120 Different Crayola Colored Pencils

I had just finished the post, "Complete List of Crayola Colored Pencil Colors" when I found out there was a 120 Different Colors box. I immediately bought the box and could not wait to get it. I remember when the most colors that came in the colored pencil box were 64 colors and they were not named. When coloring I found that box lacking. Now there are 120 colors, and they are all named.

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The Crayola 120 Different Colors box features all the colors from the 100 count box, plus 20 more: asparagus, atomic tangerine, blue bell, bluetiful, burnt sienna, dark blue, dark mauve, forest green, lobster red, manatee, melon, midnight blue, outrageous orange, pacific blue, parrot pink, periwinkle, screamin' green, sea green, sun yellow and ultra violet.

I am really excited for this box and can not wait to color with it.

Click here to get a swatch chart for these pencils.

Color Information 
Boxes: 120 Crayola Different Colored Pencils
What's inside the box: In Color Order
maroon, mahogany, brick red, red, red orange, lobster red, melon, orange, yellow orange, light orange, orange circuit, harvest gold, sun yellow, heat wave, atomic tangerine, sizzling sunset, outrageous orange, mango, golden yellow, yellow, daffodil, unmellow yellow, lemon yellow, lemon glacier, palm leaf, lime green, arctic lime, spring frost, screamin' green, granny smith apple, fern, yellow green, forest green, asparagus, olive, jade green, green, shamrock, sea green, tropical rain forest, pine green, teal, green blue, aqua green, turquoise, absolute zero, sky blue, blue bell, cornflower, wild blue yonder, manatee, slate, midnight blue, outer space, navy blue, pacific blue, blue bolt, cerulean, true blue, light blue, blue, bluetiful, indigo, dark blue, violet (purple), purple mountains' majesty, purple heart, periwinkle, ultra violet, blue violet, royal purple, plum, orchid, lilac, pale rose, mauvelous, mauve, dark mauve, raspberry, red violet, magenta, jazzberry jam, ruby red, parrot pink, bubblegum, fiery rose, winter sky, pink flamingo, razzle dazzle rose, pink, blush, tickle me pink, fuzzy wuzzy, almond, sand, apricot, peach, khaki, cantaloupe, salmon, coral reef, burnt sienna, copper, taupe, antique brass, bronze yellow, tan, light brown, cocoa, brown, dark chocolate, dark brown, beaver, black, ash, cool gray, gray, warm gray, timberwolf, white
Purchase Information: Amazon
Where to buy: eBay or Amazon

Collecting Information
This is the first 120 count colored pencil box from Crayola.
Boxes: 120 Crayola Different Colored Pencils
Other Boxes: This is the first box
Year: 2018
Style Numbers: 68-8020
Code Numbers: 68-8020-0-200
UPC Numbers: 071662280208
Manufacturing Location: Brazil
Where to buy: ebay or Amazon


  1. Looking into it, they've never retired any pencils, even the metallic pencils are from older sets. Also it seems that metallic Silver and Metallic Gold are the same as silver and gold.

    I can't believe it took this long to get a PEriwinkle pencil or midnight blue, but here it is finally.

  2. I wasn't really looking for what order they come in from the box I was more looking for what color order they should be in when organized by well.. you or me... but I guess I'll figure that one out after putting them in the drawer I was hoping to save a little time

  3. i couldn't see the names on the back