Crayola 100 Colored Pencils: What's Inside the Box

I first saw the Crayola The Big 100 Colored Pencils at Walmart in 2015.  I did not pick them up at this time because they were a little expensive and there were not 100 unique colors as seen from the back of the box.  When they showed up in 2016 at Michael's and I was able to use a coupon to get them, I jumped at the opportunity.  I am so excited to have this box.  I have always loved big boxes of colors. There are 60 unique colors in the box.

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The main difference in the boxes from 2015 to 2016 was that the back of the box had the number of colors listed on the back.  For example, there are two reds and that is indicated on the back of the box.  I bet this will make a lot of people happy because they like to know how many of each are in the box and are also more aware when they purchase the colored pencils there are not 100 unique pencils.

This box is very significant because it marks the first time in a long time that new colored pencil colors were introduced to the standard box. Before this time the largest box was a 50 count box. Even the adult coloring pencils did not contain these colors. Metallic Blue, Metallic Bronze, Metallic Copper all existed in the Metallic colors boxes.  Harvest Gold was removed from the standard box and Hazel, Lilac, Olive Green, Plum, Ruby Red, Cocoa, True Blue, and Warm Gray were added.

Collecting Information
This box features the true blue color name, which can be a throwback to the true blue crayon.  This box will be collectible depending on whether or not Crayola continues to make the box and if they change the colors in the box.
Boxes: 100 Colored Pencils, The Big 100, sharpened
Other boxes: this is -201, there is a -200, which was sold at Walmart in 2015
Year: 2015 and 2016
What's inside the box: Raspberry (2), Maroon (2), Ruby Red, Red Orange (2), Red (2), Orange, Light Orange (2), Yellow Orange, Mango, Golden Yellow, Yellow (2), Lemon Yellow, Lime Green (2), Yellow Green (2), Jade Green (2), Olive Green (2), Green (2), Pine Green (2), Teal (2), Green Blue (2), Aqua Green (2), Turquoise (2), Sky Blue (2), Cerulean (2), Light Blue (2), True Blue (2), Metallic Blue, Blue (2), Navy Blue, Plum, Violet (Purple), Lilac (2), Orchid, Mauve (2), Pale Rose (2), Pink (2), Magenta, Bubblegum (2), Salmon (2), Peach (2), Light Brown (2), Metallic Copper, Mahogany (2), Cocoa, Brown (2), Dark Brown (2), Hazel, Taupe (2), Sand, Tan (2), Bronze Yellow (2), Metallic Bronze, Gold, Silver, Warm Gray (2), Gray (2), Cool Gray (2), Slate (2), Black (2), White
Purchase Information: Michaels
Where to buy:  eBay and Amazon
Style Numbers: 68-8100
Code Numbers: 68-8100-0-200 (2015), 68-8100-0-201 (2016)
UPC Numbers: 071662688103
Manufacturing Location: Brazil

2016 100 Colored Pencils

2015 100 Colored Pencils


  1. I found a box of 100 colored pencils, I think I bought it at Walmart for $14.99 and it has 100 different colors, none are the same. On the bottom of the box, it is dated 2016, its the same box that displays on

    1. Do you have pictures? I'd love to see it.


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