Crayola Stampers Markers: What's Inside the Box and History

I also recently was able get pictures for many historic Crayola MiniStampers markers. The Stampers started in 1994.  Stamping was big back then and I imagine Crayola wanted to get in on the trend.  In 1997 and 1998 Crayola introduced Stampers for all kinds of themes. Crayola made; expressions, space shapes, animal shapes, pet shapes, nature shapes, party, four seasons and fun shapes. It seemed Crayola was very excited about their expression line and made them for everything.  They probably cut back on them because they realized they had too many.  I am so excited to find this history for these markers.

I love the Crayola Stamper markers both the Shopkins ones and the mini Expression markers. These ones are both currently on the market. The markers have little stamps of different shapes on the tips of the markers. They add some really nice elements to artwork.  We used the mini Stampers on my daughters potty training chart when she was potty training.  She still keeps that chart under her bed and is super proud of it.  The Shopkins markers feature some of the classic Shopkins unique symbols including the S for Shopkins and the shopping bag.  There markers are a lot of fun and I definitely recommend them for anyone with kids, and they are washable!

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Stacy Hodges took the pictures for the last five marker sets.

Crayola also likes to include Stamper markers in holiday sets. The Holiday marker set and Valentines set from Target had stampers in the set.  The Crayola Emoji Maker also allows kids to make their own color of stampers.

It is interesting to note that the Expressions set of markers does not have names while the Shopkins set of markers does. The very first box of Mini Stampers had the names on the back.

Collecting Information
The Expressions and the Shopkins Stampers are currently available (2017).  The others are very collectible especially the ones that were not expressions.
Boxes: 8 Mini Stampers (1994), MiniStamper Space Shapes (1997), 10 Crayola mini Stampers Expressions Markers (1999 and 2011), 8 Ultra-Clean Washable Shopkins Stampers (2016), 4 Washable Double-Ended Crayola Big MiniStampers PARTY Markers (1999)
Other boxes: From looking at the back of the boxes there were pet shapes, nature shapes, party, four seasons and fun shapes also. There is another box Party box since this is the 58-6000-0-201 box.
Year: 1994 (8 Mini Stampers), 1997 (Space Shapes), 1999 (Expressions and Animals) and 2011 (Expressions), 2016 (Shopkins), 1999 (Big MiniStampers Party)
What's inside the box: 
Mini Stampers : star burst, swirl, heart, star, lips, happy face, foot print, paw print
Expressions : heart, lips, music note, smiley face, star, exclamation point, star burst, swirl, eye, question mark
Space Shapes : moon, space ship, sun, star, alien, moon rock, Saturn, UFO
Animals: paw print, sea horse, cat, penguin, dog, horse, bunny, pig, fish, sea anemone?
Shopkins: flamingo heart, raspberry burst, sweet tangerine star, gold coin, granny smith apple, aqua star, cobalt blue, berry tote
Purchase Information: Shopkins at Toys R Us
Where to buy:  eBay (mini Expressions), eBay (Shopkins)Amazon (Expressions), Amazon (Shopkins)
Style Numbers: 58-8108 (1994 Mini Stampers), 58-8114 (Space Shapes), 58-8140 (1997 and 2011 Expressions), 58-8141 (Animals), 58-8152 (Shopkins), 58-6000 (Big MiniStampers Party)
Code Numbers: 58-8108-0-200 (1994 Mini Stampers), 58-8114-0-200 (Space Shapes), 58-8140-0-201 (1999 Expressions), 58-8141-0-200 (Animals), 58-8140-0-204 (2011 Expressions), 58-8152-0-200 (Shopkins), 58-6000-0-201 (Big MiniStampers Party)
UPC Numbers: 071662081089 (1994 Mini Stampers),  071662081140 (Space Shapes),  (1999 Expressions), 071662081416 (Animals), 071662081409 (1999 and 2011 Expressions), 071662081522 (Shopkins), 071662060008 (Big MiniStampers Party)

2011 Expressions Markers

2016 Shopkins Stamper Markers

1994 MiniStampers

1997 MiniStampers: Space Shapes

1999 MiniStampers: Animals

1999 MiniStampers: Expressions

1999 Washable Double-Ended Crayola Big MiniStampers PARTY Markers

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