Crayola True Blue Heroes Crayons: What's Inside the Box

I have been wanting to get my hand on a True Blue crayon for a while now.  The True Blue Heroes Crayola Crayons came out in 1997.  It was a national contest for kids to nominate a Hero in their lives, write an essay, and color a picture about them.  The colors to name appeared in the 64, 96, and 120 crayon boxes.  The box I have here are the ultimate winners for the contest. There was also a wooden box that contained the true blue color. I have pictures of all the artwork and essays at the bottom of the post in the booklet section.

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This box features Tip the crayon in many different colors.  In 2014 Crayola officially announced Tip as Tip and in 2016 gave Tip and his friends names.

There have been other boxes that feature the True Blue name and one box of colored pencils that feature the true blue name, the 100 box of colored pencils.  The box that hold the True Blue name does not contain a true blue color name.  I wish they had put it in.

Collecting Information
Boxes: Crayola Crayons Honors the True Blue Heroes, 9 Limited Edition Special Crayons
Other boxes: 64, 96 and 124 crayon boxes, wooden crate with oversize true blue crayon
Year: 1997
What's inside the box: 
true blue (blue) Ultimate Hero: Amber Lynn Coffman Nominated by Jesse Pittman
Amber Coffman is my True Blue Hero because she helps other people in need.  She goes to Baltimore to feed homeless people every weekend.  Amber is 15 and started Happy Helpers for the homeless foru years ago.  She touches my heart and makes me very happy when I help her...She deserves a pruple heart.
CRAYON COLOR #1 Hero: Bill Paviak Nominated By: Bradford Johnson
CRAYON COLOR #2 Hero: Kenneth Klemm Nominated By: Austin Klemm
CRAYON COLOR #3 Hero: Judi Newman Nominated By: Blyss Galizia
CRAYON COLOR #4 Hero: Frank Brink Nominated By: Ashley E. Magrane
CRAYON COLOR #5 Hero: Elizabeth Childress Nominated By: Christine M. Sharp-Straughter
CRAYON COLOR #6 Hero: Tyler M. Seick Nominated By: Adam P. Seick
CRAYON COLOR #7 Hero: Gary K. Woodring Nominated By: Bryan Wayne Pruifoy
 CRAYON COLOR #8 Hero: Amber Lynn Coffman Nominated By: Jesse Pittman
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Where to buy:  eBay, Amazon
Style Numbers: 52-3009
Code Numbers: 52-3009-0-900
UPC Numbers: 071662030094
Manufacturing Location: U.S.A

True Blue Hero Insert, Artwork and Essays

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