Kid Made Modern Color Library Crayons and Double-Pointed Markers

I was able to meet with Kid Made Modern at Toy Fair this year. I was so lucky to add a few pieces of Kid Made Modern to my website. The Crayon Library is beautiful and the Washable Double-Pointed markers come in a really neat case. I have tested other crayons before, cue the disappointment with the Andy Warhol crayons. I was really anxious to see the colors in the crayon library. What would they look like? Would their colors be as vibrant as the packaging?

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Click here to get the crayons and markers.

Here is the pretty inside of the crayon library. So pretty!
Here is my test of the crayons. I was so happy when I colored with them. They were all super vibrant and the colors were the most part different. The laydown was super smooth and not flaky. I was impressed. The yellows were the colors that were the most similar. The colors were not named so I numbered them. They could also be labeled on the side with the corresponding number.

Here are the dual ended markers. They have a thin and thick tip. The markers are hexagonal shaped.
Here are all the colors, thick on the left and thin on the right. They all have names. I would use the thin tip side for my planner. The colors were super vibrant and colorfast.
All in all I was super happy with these products from Kid Made Modern. I will be posting about the other products soon. There were some confetti crayons and gem and rock crayons. 

Here is the back and top of the boxes for the crayons and the markers.

Back and bottom of the Marker Box
Bottom and Top of the Crayon Box 

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