Super Fun Confetti, Gem, Rock and Giant Crayons for Kids by Kid Made Modern

 How fun do these Kid Made Modern crayons look? These are the rock crayons. There are also gem, confetti and giant crazy crayons. I tested out the standard Kid Made Modern markers and crayons and they had a diverse palette with vibrant colors and excellent lay down properties. These specialty crayons were no exception. They all colored really well and each were unique in their own way.

This blog post contains affiliate links and the crayons were provided by Kid Made Modern in exchange for an honest review.

Here are the boxes for the gem, confetti and rock crayons. The gem crayons have a unique shape and the rock and gem crayons are confetti crayons, ie made of more than one color.

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Here are the boxes for the giant crazy crayons. They come in regular neon and bright. They are a mixture of colors.
Here are all the colors for the rock crayons. They contain 2 colors each with one base color and another color sprinkled in.
Here are the confetti crayons. These crayons are ideal for blending and shading. I would use this whole palette for a picture. They look really good together.
Here are the gem crayons. They all have tips that are easy to write with.
Small kids can grip both the gem crayons and the rock crayons easily in their hands.
Here is my daughter and son coloring with the rock crayons. Can you tell what costume she is wearing?
Overall we were super happy with the crayons. These sets are super fun for kids of all ages. Their easy grip is ideal for young colorists and still fun for older kiddos. Check them out on Amazon.

Crayon Boxes and Crayons
Here are all the crayons with their boxes. Aren't they pretty?
Rock Crayons
Confetti Crayons
Gem Crayons

Crazy Crayon Colors
We did not end up using these because I am a collector and did not want to open the package, but they would work a lot like the confetti crayons.

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