The Prettiest STEAM Activity: Crayola Paper Flower Kit

The Crayola STEAM Paper Flower Kit is hands down one of my favorite toys from Crayola in the past few years. The Spin and Spiral Art Station is a close second. My kids are still playing with that art station. We ran out of ink they love it so much. I saw this flower kit at Toy Fair 2020 and fell in love. The colors are super vibrant and each flower is super unique.

Crayola sent me this flower kit in exchange for an honest review, but seriously I loved it before I even got it. This blog post contains affiliate links.Check this out on or

What's In the Box

The box contains enough supplies to make 12 flowers. 6 flowers can be made at once. There are 6 flower pots, 6 flower pot covers, 12 petal funnels, 12 paper petals with 3 designs, 12 tips, 12 cores, 3 inks, 1 white crayon, instructions, a color mixing guide, and 3 Pip-Squeak Skinnies Markers.How to Make the Flowers

The flowers are fairly easy to make. I only had to assist with one part, pressing the tip into the core.

The first step is to color the flower with thin tip markers if desired. I did not have my two year old make one at first, but she really wanted one. She climbed up and was super happy to start coloring one for herself. We used the markers and the white crayon on hers. Coloring is not required. The next step is the punch the flowers out.Then lay them in the desired pattern and shape. I would recommend the smaller flowers in the top.The next step is to use the color mixer to come up with a color and then add the ink drops to the flower pot. Then fill the flower pot up with water from the watering can.The next step is to assemble the flower pot. This was the trickiest part for me. One flower tip did not want to get pushed into the core.The final step is to wait for the flowers to wick up the color. Side note: I pulled out my box of 64 to make a custom color tip one. I did not love the colors that came in the box. They were not the colors shown on the outside of the box and did really complement the ink choices.What Did We Think?

WE LOVED IT. I knew I would love this, not a surprise. It ended up being a great STEAM activity for my kids. They learned about capillary action from the wicking up of the color through the core. They also learned about color theory by using the chart to find and make their own colors with the inks that were provided.

The only thing I would change would be to have a refill kit. It would be everything in this kit except the flower pots and the covers. I would also love to see the inks that are provided sold separately. We have a few kits and toys from Crayola, ie the Spin and Spiral Art Station that use the same inks. My kids have been wanting more inks for that toy. They have used them all up.

All in all this kit was amazing. The kids exclaimed that these look like real flowers. I loved how each flower was a little different. I think the one my daughter scribbled on, the yellow one turned out super cute with the dark edges.

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  1. Can you reuse the cores for future projects?