Open Ended Winter Craft Kit by Kid Made Modern

"Kids do you want to do a winter craft project?" I asked my kids. My daughter said yes right away and my son said no. My daughter and I start on the project and who wanders over? My son. He saw all the cool supplies that came in the winter craft kit from Kid Made Modern and wanted to join in on the fun. I started taking my kids to do summer crafts at Michaels when he was three. The thing I LOVE about the Kid Made Modern kits it they come with all the supplies needed to make some great open ended crafts. When we went to Michaels to make crafts we had to make it one way, but these kits allow kids to invent and come up with whatever project they want to make.

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There are some ideas on the front of the box to give ideas of what to do, but the kids are free to do whatever they want!
What's Inside the Box
The kits come in a cute box that can be used as part of the crafts if the kids want. The smaller supplies come in bags.
The winter craft kit includes; tacky glue, 12 felt shapes (snow men, ice skates, stars, and snowflakes), 40 assorted pom poms, 15 fuzzy sticks, 20 googly eyes, 3 glitter vials, 10 sticker backed gemstones, 8 paper tubes, elastic cording, cording, 5 faceted beads, 5 mini bells, 33 assorted paillettes, and 8 paper tubes.
What We Made
All three of my kids participated. My youngest daughter loves to craft. I had to help her, but she chose what she wanted on each of her felt shapes and I helped her glue them. She loved this kit because she is obsessed with Frozen and this is the perfect Elsa/Anna activity as she calls it.

This is a necklace my daughter made.

Here is the crown she made to go with it. Notice the bell on the end. She is 10 and has been wearing it non stop. She says it is her favorite thing she made.

Here is my son decorating his ice skate. He loved the glue, we actually ran out he used so much.
Here he is putting glitter on his ice skate.

I even joined in the fun and made an ice skate.

My daughter designed this windchime snowflake.
Here are all the finished products. My kids absolutely loved the bells and the paper tubes. The glue dried clear. I took the pictures before hand because I knew all their fun objects would disappear around the house as they played with them.
Here are all the snowflake items.
Here are all the ice skates.
Here are all the stars.
And here are the matching crowns and necklaces my daughters made and wore around the house.

What Did We Think?
We loved this kit and my kids had a lot of fun creating lots of different "toys" with the items provided in the kits. I loved the bells that were included because my kids could incorporate this auditory sense into the crafts they made. I did have to use a little extra glue because my son is a little heavy handed with the glue provided, but under normal circumstances there would probably be enough glue to use with all the materials. I would highly recommend this kit and any kit from Kid Made Modern.

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