Mess Free Glitter Play with Crayola Glitter Dots

I first saw the Crayola Glitter Dots at Toy Fair 2019. Glitter Dots are basically balls of glitter that can be squished onto paper or as seen below keychains. Crayola also makes stencils and sparkle fill cards, ornaments, and signs. Here are the two sets that I tried with my kids, keychains and sparkle charms. I received them from Crayola in exchange for an honest review. This blog post also contains affiliate links.

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What Comes In the Box
The keychains set included 42 glitter dots, 3 keychain frames and lids, 3 key rings, 3 strings and 20 beads. The sparkle charms set contained 42 glitter dots, 2 keychain frames and lids, and 2 key chains.
How to Make the Key Chains
The dots come individually packaged so they will not dry out or touch one another. To start the key chain the individual packets are opened.

Then the dots are pressed into the back of the keychain.

This is the Narwhal that my son did. Once all the dots have been placed, the back of the key chain can be put on. Be careful to only fill the keychain to below the edges. Filling it over will make it hard for the keychain to stay closed.

The beads, string and keychains can be put on after.
These are our finished products. We did the donut and the cupcake later. They did not have string and beads.
These are the finished animals. My daughters favorite is the llama. My youngest one did that one.
What Did We Think?
My kids had a lot of fun making their key chains. The colors are super vibrant and go well together. We had enough material to cover all the key chains (which is not like the gingerbread houses we just made that ran out of icing). The glitter dots were not very messy. There were a few pieces that remained on the crafting surface, but it was easy to wipe up. Nothing like glitter would have been. The beads were a fun addition to the keychain. I would love to get some more glitter dots and have my kids make some artwork with them. I would recommend these for all ages, boys and girls. Click here to find Glitter Dots on or 

Here is the packaging information.

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