Imaginative Construction and Play with Snap Ships

What are Snap Ships? Snap Ships are "a versatile building system for creating multiple crafts with action play." Basically they are construction space shop toys. Construction toys are great for STEM development because they teach kids to follow steps, they encourage free play when finished, and also allow their creative minds to develop when kids make their own constructions. There are many types of Snap Ships and they all had an intergalactic space theme. There is also a corresponding app for the toy with a VR world and instructions.

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What's in the Box

We received two of these products, the Lance SV-51 Scout and the Gladius AC-75 Drop Ship. My kids built the Gladius at a Toy event. I will be showing the contents of the Lance kit, the Gladius was the same set up.

Each set comes with the pieces, a snap ships separation tool, a weapon, person, instructions and a box top that doubles as a display stand. The Lance Scout can be built as two builds.

The pieces are easy to put together. The "snap" into place.

This is the finished product with the Lance Scout mounted on the display stand.Here is the Scout with the little person inside.Here is the other build.Another view of the other build.Here is the Gladius Drop Ship. It contains pieces to make the Drop Ship and an attach rover.

One of the coolest parts about Snap Ships is the AR experience with the corresponding app. The app has 3D instructions for the specific build and custom ships and has flight simulations for the builds.

What Did We Think?

Both my son and my daughters enjoyed the Snap Ships. The ships are fun to play with when built and are fun to build. My only complaint is the people are really small and come apart easily and get lost. Other than that the Snap Ships are easy builds and provide a lot of imaginative play for kids. Click here to find on Amazon.

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