Was the Egg Mazing Worth It?

I saw so many people post about the Egg Mazing Egg Decorator. I thought I should try it. I bought it at Target and got my eggs ready. The first egg went fine, but by the third egg the Egg Mazing had broken. The device became uneven at the contact points. When it was turning the egg, the egg would flip over and not stay spinning. It was a disappointment and I had to return it. Hopefully next year they improve that and it does not break..

What's In the Box

The Egg Mazing comes with 8 markers that can draw on eggs and one Egg Decorator Device that spins eggs.

How Does It Work?

The Egg Mazing is a pretty easy concept. The egg is placed in the middle and the device is turned on. The device spins the egg. Once the egg is spinning the markers are used to draw patterns and lines on the eggs. There are so many possibilities of how to use it.

Here are the eggs I decorated with the Egg Mazing. I would love to try it again next year and have it hopefully work this time!


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