Crayola Colors of Kindness Crayons

What a year for Crayola! In 2021 Crayola has not only come out with new Colors of the World Colored Pencils and Markers, but they have introduced 4 new colors in the 24 Count Colors of Kindness box. I'm surprised there was not more fanfare. Last time they introduced Bluetiful they had an event in Times Square. They just slipped these colors into a new box. The Colors of Kindness box is sold exclusively at Walmart and comes with a matching coloring book. 

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The four new colors from Crayola include: crayellow, cool mint, powder blue and oatmeal.

The Colors of Kindness have two color names listed on the crayon, the "Kindness" names and the regular names of the crayons.

Here is all the color names for the crayons.

Color Information 

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Boxes: Crayola 24 Count Colors of Kindness crayons
What's inside the box: 

  • heart to heart-mauvelous
  • be sweet to each other-cotton candy
  • have a scoop of fun!-pink sherbet
  • go with the flow-salmon
  • a slice of nice-melon
  • life is gouda-macaroni and cheese
  • hello sunshine-crayellow
  • you're so a-peel-ing-banana mania
  • warm & fuzzy-peach
  • keep moving forward-inchworm
  • peace of mind-cool mint
  • kind to the core-granny smith apple
  • seas the day-sea green
  • lucky to know you-shamrock
  • ride the waves-caribbean green
  • spread your winds-robin's egg blue
  • breathe deep-turquoise blue
  • always brave-cadet blue
  • sky's the limit-powder blue
  • spring into action-periwinkle
  • rise above-purple mountains' majesty
  • best buddies-wisteria
  • nurture nature-orchid
  • a warm hug-oatmeal
Purchase Information: Walmart
Where to buy: Walmart

Collecting Information

This box is the first box of Colors of Kindness Crayons. It is definitely collectible. It is also the first time that oatmeal, cool mint, powder blue and oatmeal have been included in a box.

Boxes: Crayola 24 Count Colors of Kindness crayons
Year: 2021
Style Numbers: 52-0016
Code Numbers: 52-0016-0-200
UPC Numbers: 071662301163
Manufacturing Location: USA
Where to buy: Walmart

Here are the sides and back of the Colors of Kindness box. The sides of the box have all the color names like the Colors of the World did.

Here is the wrapper for the new crayons.


  1. I found the crayons with no trouble at Walmart but didn't see a color book to go with them. :( At least, not in my Walmart. I still got 2 boxes of the crayons though.

  2. WE love the Colors of Kindness and want to purchase them for our teachers. I have tried Walmart but I am unable to find them. Can you help?

    1. Last year, (2021) the Colors of Kindness were a Walmart exclusive. Now, you can get them at Walmart, Amazon, or Direct from Crayola, and possibly other places too. Crayola is offering the best price I've seen

  3. The new colors are: crayellow cool mint powder blue and oatmeal