Sharpie 36 S-Note Creative Marker

Earlier this year 2021 I wrote a post about the 24 S-Note Markers from Sharpie. At that time I knew there were 12 new colors coming, but it was not out yet. It is finally out and I am so happy that I got my hands on a box. I found mine on Amazon. They may be available other places later. What is so special about these new colors? The new colors are a lot lighter than the previous colors. That was one of the biggest criticism I saw of the other set of markers. Now there is a super broad palette of markers.

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The 12 new colors in 2021 for the Sharpie S-Note creative markers are: blue dusk, hydrangea blue, waterfall, aquamarine, spanish moss, pear, kiwi, daffodil, clementine, autumn sunset, dusty rose, and  carnation.

Color Information 

Boxes: Sharpie 36 S-Note Creative Marker
What's inside the box:

  • The colors of the 36 S-Note Sharpie Markers are: gray, light gray, plum, raspberry, orchid, brick red, guava, papaya, cinnamon, mango, honey, salted caramel, lemonade, olive, pear, limeade, sea green, jade, surf's up, scuba blue, periwinkle, indigo, lavender, grape, blue dusk, hydrangea blue, waterfall, aquamarine, spanish moss, pear, kiwi, daffodil, clementine, autumn sunset, dusty rose, and carnation.
Purchase Information: Amazon
Where to buy: Amazon 

Here is a pretty picture of the colors.

Here is the back and bottom of the box. The S-Notes also come in packs of 12.

Collecting Information

This would be a great set to collect.

Boxes: Sharpie 36 S-Note Creative Marker
Year: 2021
Part Numbers: 21250117
UPC Numbers: 071641193758
Manufacturing Location: Assembled in USA
Where to buy: Amazon 

1 comment:

  1. I know this is an older post, but you have Pear listed twice on your full color list (after Spanish Moss, and after Olive).

    Also, they've updated the colors since this post. Not new/different colors, just a different order -- you can see on the Amazon site the new order. I'm not sure when they updated; I -think- I got my 36-count in 2022 or 2023 but I'm not exactly sure.

    Anyway, thank you so much for making these videos. I don't know why Sharpie is so insistent on NOT putting their color names on their markers/highlighters/pens/etc, but as a semi-colorblind artist, it's infuriating! I can get by if I have the color names, so I know I'm using the right colors, then use color swatches to know the light/darkness of the color, but otherwise I'm totally screwed -- blue/purple and yellow/green are my 'hah good luck' pairs, and go figure it's what Sharpie likes to put out the most colors of.