Make Saving the Environment Fun!

As a parent I think it is very important to teach kids about the environment and taking care of our planet. I was super excited to find the Adventerra Games company this year. They are a Swiss company that want to help children become aware of environmental themes that can help them respect other people, animals and the planet. Their games are plastic free, made from recycled materials and wrapped in biodegradable film. I was super excited to try out Ecologic Memory, Recycle Rally and the Water Game. 
These games were provided in exchange for an honest review. This blog post contains affiliate links.
Find these games at the Adventerra Games store on Amazon.

Water Game

The Water Game is a game for 3-4 players. 

In this game players start at the top of the mountain. Their player markers are fish. 
They roll the dice to float down the river. Depending on the spots they land on they either get a saving, question mark or wasting card.

There are questions on the question cards about water and either rewards or a penalty.
Based on the reward of penalty the players move their markers.

Players also need to have enough water as a group to continue the game.

This game makes learning about water fun. The kids can answer questions about water as they move around the board. It teaches about important concepts such as conserving water and water flow as they move their player tokens on the board.

Recycle Rally

Recycle Rally is a more complicated game and good for older players 7+. The game is for 3-5 players. Each location has items that can be recycled. The players tokens are recycling trucks. 

The players move around the board collecting the items to be recycled 
They then put them in the appropriate recycling center. 

At the end of week whatever is left in the city is thrown to the incinerator. Then new items are placed around the town for weeks two and three.
At the end of the three weeks the player with the most points from recycling wins. If there are more than 24 objects in the incinerator every one loses. An advanced game can also be played with considers the volume of objects to be recycled. This chart also shows where which recycling center to take certain objects to.

Ecologic Memory

Ecologic Memory is a game for 2 plus. It is a memory game that teaches children about at risk animals.
Each pair consists of a animal with their babies. 

All these games were super fun to play with my children. I have children that are 10, 8 and 3. There is a broad range of topics that help children learn to respect the Earth and it's animals. The games are very well made. The pieces are thick and will hold up over time. These games make learning about the environment fun.

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