Learn about Gravity and Magnetism with Geomag Mechanics Gravity Loops and Turns Set

My son absolutely loves anything science related right now and he loved cars as a young boy. This Geomag Mechanics Gravity Loops and Turns set was perfect for him. He was able to build it and have a lot of fun using it.

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What's In the Box

The Geomag Mechanics Gravity Loops and Turns set contains 130 pieces. It comes with 10 magnetic balls, a magnetic stick to pick up the balls easily and the rest are building pieces to make the set. The set comes with very detailed instructions making it easy to put together.

The set was relatively easy to put together. My son is eight years old and was able to do it himself, which is super important in my book. No sense getting a toy and putting it together for them.

Here he is putting the paddles on the set.

Here he is putting the ramps and such together.

Here is the finished product with all the pieces in place. The paddles can be moved to direct the ball to the side or for the balls to continue in a loop around the track.

What Did We Think?

My son loved putting this set together. He found the instructions super easy to follow along. He liked watching the falls go around in the loop. He did have a little trouble at times getting around the 360 degree loop. He loves to play with it. Find Geomag on Amazon.

Here is the box information.

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