64 Crayola Markers With Colors of the World

How have I never written about the 64 Crayola Crayon Box? I have one, but I never got around to writing about it. I was so excited to pick this box up from Walmart the other day. This 64 Crayola Crayon Box features the Colors of the World markers. It contains broadline markers. Currently it is the only place to get the hair and eye colors in marker form.

Click here to find on Walmart.

Click here to get the swatch chart.

Click here to get the swatch charts for all the Crayola markers.

The back of the box is super neat because it features the swatches of all the markers. It separates them into Colors of the world and classic Broad Line Markers. It is interesting to note though that Turquoise, Bittersweet and Royal Purple have not been in the classic line up the past few years. Crayola brought them back for this box.

Click here to get a swatch chart.

Here are all the colors in the box. The eye and hair color do not match up to any current colors. They may match up to some Super Tips and Pip Squeak Skinnies colors.

Color Information 

Boxes: Crayola 64 Markers with Colors of the World
What's inside the box: 

  • The colors in the 64 Crayola Markers with Colors of the World are: primrose, wild orchid, raspberry, hot magenta, flamingo pink, hot pink, very light rose, pink, infra red, red bittersweet, coral reef, light rose, light medium rose, medium deep rose, red hair , sandy tan, hazel eyes, orange, golden yellow, laser lemon, yellow, blonde, hair, green eyes, sea foam green, emerald, green, graphic green, teal, blue eyes, battery charged blue, blue lagoon, blue, plum, violet (purple), tropical violet, royal purple, azure, black hair, gray, dolphin gray, brown hair, brown eyes, very deep almond, extra deep almond, extra deep rose, very deep rose, deep golden, deep almond, extra deep golden, medium deep almond, medium almond, medium deep golden, medium golden, light medium golden, light golden, light medium almond, light almond, very light golden, extra light almond, very light almond

Purchase Information: Walmart
Where to buy: Walmart

Here is the inside of the box. I was disappointed when I opened it and they were in boxes and wrappers. What? Why not make cool rows so all the markers can be seen at once? 

Here are all the containers that came in the box.

Here is the front of the box.

Here is the top of the box.

Here is the side of the box. It is interesting to note that Crayola put the color swatches on the side, something they started with the Colors of the World boxes. I need to get the picture of the other side.
Collecting Information
Boxes: Crayola 64 Markers with Colors of the World
Year: 2021
Style Numbers: 58-7805
Code Numbers: 58-7805-0-200 (64 box), Inside boxes: 58-7805-0-250, 58-7805-0-251, 58-7805-0-252, 58-7805-0-253
UPC Numbers: 071662078058
Manufacturing Location: U.S.A. with foreign materials
Where to buy: Walmart

These boxes were made especially for this box according to the style and code numbers.

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