Sensory Play with NEW Playfoam Sand!

This year in 2022 Educational Insights has expanded their Playfoam line to include Playfoam Sand. The Playfoam sand comes in: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and black. The Playfoam sand is really good tactile play for preschoolers.

The Playfoam Sand was provided by Educational Insights in exchange for an honest review.


There are four sets of Playfoam available; Ice Cream Sundae Set, ABC Cookies Set, 3 pounds of play sand in 8 colors, and a Sensory set. My favorite set is probably the ABC set because I am teaching preschool this year and teaching letters. It is a fun way for kids to learn their letters. My daughter loves them all. She was begging to play with them as soon as we got them. 

What's In the Box
Each special set comes with themed accessories and the box can be played with too. The ABC box is themed liked cookies.

Here is my daughter playing with the ABC set.

She loved using the spatula.

Here is the ABC with all the accessories. We had a lot of fun make this and then as soon as it was done, my daughter loved squishing all the letters and putting them back in their bags.

The ice cream set some with some fun accessories also and a themed box.

I love the Playfoam boxes that come with this set. It is super fun to scoop out.

Here is my daughter making her sundaes. It was easy for her to know what to do. Which is super important in a childs toy.

Here is her finished project, which I might add she did all by herself!

What did we think?
My daughter and I loved using the Playfoam Sand. We have used it for preschool a few times. It is a little messy. I would not recommend using it over carpet or if there was only carpet keeping it contained or using a vacuum afterwards. The colors will mix together which can be fine for some kids. The sets are super great for sensory play for kids. My daughter definitely enjoys it.

Here are the back of the ABC Cookies Set and Ice Cream Sundae Set.

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