24 Colors of the World Fine Line Markers

 In 2020 Crayola worked with Victor Casale to formulate a new line of crayons called Colors of the World. These crayons represented over 40 shades of skin tones. In 2021 they released colored pencils and markers to go along with the line. In 2022 they are releasing fine line markers to accompany the Colors of the World line. An interesting thing to note is this line is the only matching color line that exists at Crayola.

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What's inside the box: The colors in the 24 Crayola Super Tips Markers are:

  • extra light almond, very light golden, very light rose, light golden, very light almond, light medium golden, light rose, light almond, light medium rose, light medium almond, medium deep rose, medium almond, medium golden, medium deep almond, deep rose, very deep rose, deep almond, medium deep golden, deep golden, very deep almond, extra deep rose, extra deep golden, deepest almond
Purchase Information: Walmart
Where to buy: Crayola 

Here is a swatch chart of the colors of the world. Click here to get your own swatch chart

This was a swatch chart I colored first. I like the circles better. Which one do you like?

I also attempted to blend with them. They did okay. Maybe I should try on different paper.

Collecting Information 

Boxes: 24 Colors of the World Fine Line Markers
Year: 2022
Purchase Information: Walmart
Where to buy: Crayola 
Style Numbers: 58-7810
Code Numbers: 58-7810-0-200
UPC Numbers: 071662078102
Manufacturing Location: Made in U.S.A. with foreign materials (this is interesting because it is one of the first time it is specified)

Here are the sides of the box. They contain all the marker swatches for the colors in the box.

Here are the boxes that come inside the Colors of the World fine line box.

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