12 Karin brushmarker PRO Neon Markers

Earlier this year I was able to try out the Karin Brushmarker Pro Markers and they were incredible. These are the Neon Karin Brushmarker Pro Markers. The colors are vivid use the same technology as the other markers. They are very soupy and wet when they go down and do not dry out. They are some of my favorite markers from this company!

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Color Information
I have included all of the Karin markers in this swatch chart. Click here to get this swatch chart. The colors come with a name and a number and their own bar code.

Here are the Neon colors:
  • Neon Yellow 6102
  • Neon Orange 6120
  • Neon Yellow green 0230
  • Neon Green 6111
  • Neon Pink 6140
  • Neon Red Lilac 4072
  • Neon Canary 0220
  • Neon Orange Red 4020
  • Neon Light Green 6110
  • Neon Blue 6152
  • Neon Violet 6172
  • Neon Violet Blue 5272

Here is a coloring page I did with the Neon markers.

Here is some lettering practice I did with the markers. I love love love the bright colors.

Here is the packaging for this set of markers. It is not my favorite because it is hard to see them all at once and getting out is a bit tricky, but at least there is packaging. There is a also a box that includes the regular and neon Karin brushmarker PRO markers.

Collecting Information 

Boxes: 12 Karin Brushmarker Pro Markers
Purchase Information: Amazon
Where to buy: Blick.
Part Numbers: 27C12 
UPC Numbers: 5904446025908
Manufacturing Location: Poland

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