Crayola Made Brush Markers!

When Crayola first started in the early 1900's they were a revolutionary company. They were the first company to come out with revolutionary crayons. Years later they came out with colored pencils and then markers. These mediums were all new at the time and changed the world of art. But sadly over the years Crayola has not been keeping up with the trends. They are miles behind other companies now in their product offerings. One of these would be brush markers/pens and the other would be alcohol markers.

A few years back Crayola attempted to enter the brush marker world and this year 2023 they came out with a different iteration of the brush marker.

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The new brush markers Crayola is releasing in 2023 are dual ended brush/chisel markers. Points to Crayola on this one, this is what all the other companies are making right now. Where they lose points is these markers are not named. And they are different colors on the different tips. Currently brush markers usually come in both colors when they are dual ended.

The other points against Crayola is that the brush tips only come in 12 colors. 12 colors...not a lot of choice. All the other companies have 60-100+ different colors. If they made a box of their supertips brush markers with all the colors they would have a dynamite product on their hands. All the brush marker companies would scramble.

Here is the brush marker/chisel tip available in the Crayola 12 Dual Ended Doodle Markers.

Here is the packaging for the markers. They come in a tray which is nice enough. My box ripped as I was trying to open them.

Here are all the colors. The colors are not named. But here are the swatches. The first is the brush stroke, the second the thick part of the chisel and the last is the skinny side of the chisel marker.

Collecting Information

Boxes: Crayola 12 Dual-Ended Doodle Markers Chisel and Brush Tip
Year: 2023
Style Numbers: 58-8314
Code Numbers: 58-8314-0-200
UPC Numbers: 071662283148
Manufacturing Location: Malaysia
Where to buy: Amazon
Here is the back of the box.

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