How to Make an Eras Tour Shirt

I really wanted to take my 5 year old to the Taylor Swift Era's tour movie, but there was no merch on Taylor's website at all for 5 year olds. I had merch for my 12 year old daughter and I that we got on her website and from The Eras tour in person, but not for my 5 year old. I decided to take matters into my own hands and make her her very own Taylor Swift The Eras Tour Movie shirt. We paired it with a gold and cream skirt and she was ready to go. In this blog post I will show how I made this shirt.


To start off with I got some gold iron metallic cricut material. The hardest part was using cricut design to make the Era's tour logo. I can share what it looks like, but it will be needed to be created because the font is not native to Cricut.  The font used for the Eras Tour posters and merch is Pistilli Roman. The font can be downloaded here. Once it is downloaded open it as a system font in Cricut.

To make the Taylor Swift larger the width and height need to be unlocked and the height made double. In my case it was 1 to 2. Then space The Eras Tour and Movie to desired width. I made them as wide as Taylor Swift because that is what she does on her merch. After that I welded the whole design, otherwise when when cutting it would throw the words everywhere. This way the design will stay in place and only needs to be ironed not rearranged on the shirt. 

After that come the fun part of weeding. Some of the letters had really small widths and came off during weeding. I have a fix for this next.

I did not grab a picture before I fixed it, but the M, A, V, W and some other letters had thin portions and did not weed out very well. I took a gold Posca pen with a Yasutomo brush and painted those portions of the letters back on.

Here is the end result. Can you see where I painted it on? The A, W, V, U and M. I let it dry before wearing it.

Here is the completed shirt. It looks like it could be from Taylor Swift's online store. I am so glad my daughter had something to wear to the movie. She loved wearing it and she fit right in. We were able to watch the Eras tour movie together. And I will say for a 5 year old I prefered the movie to the concert because she would have been tired, it would have been expensive and it would have been very loud. I am so glad we got to experience the concert together at the movies. If you make this let me know and tag me on instagram @jennyscrayoncollection.

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