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I have taught my kids preschool classes for a few years now. I love incorporating art into their learning environment. It encourages creativity and a desire to learn at the same time. Some kids will spend hours on creative activities, some a few minutes. I like to let them guide themselves through the process. It is during this time of free play that children develop critical thinking skills that will help them throughout their life. Overtime as they come and do the activities I find their attention span increases and they learn more.

Favorite Back to School Supplies
Here is a post I put together on my favorite Crayola back school supplies with helps from some teachers.
One of the most useful items for teachers are the classpacks Crayola offers. They come in crayons, markers, colored pencils, glitter glue, paint brushes, model magic, silly putty, and combination sets.

pictures from Crayola.com used with permission

Preschool Ideas
Here are some preschool ideas to incorporate art into the classroom.

Valentines Day Activities
Preschool Bug Hunt
4 Easy Preschool Ideas for St Patrick's Day

Classroom Ideas
I have also teamed up with some teachers to share some of their ideas of incorporating art into the classroom. Check them out below by clicking on the pictures.
Rachel Poetker: Shared Art Supplies Cabinent
Fern Smith: Classroom Crayon Tips
Fern Smith: 5 Reasons Elementary School Kids need to Color

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Here are some of my favorite resources to find ideas for teaching and development.
Lesson Plans and Development-http://www.crayola.com/education/crayola-community.html

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