Color Alive Series: What's Inside the Book

The Color Alive series debuted in 2014 with the Barbie coloring book, but I did not see it in stores until 2015. I got my copies at Jo-Ann Fabrics. It seems like Jo-Ann's is always the first to have the new lines from Crayola, but they are also the most expensive. Luckily this day they matched the price that was on

How does Color Alive work?  You download an app from Crayola and take a picture of the page either colored or not colored, it will work either way.  The character will come alive and may even move.  The character can be taken to other locations and pictures can be taken with the character.  Click here for my complete review. My kids love these coloring books and even more now that there is a Frozen one we can color in.

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I later found the Minions book this year at the Crayola Store in Kansas City.  It was pricey too, the Crayola Store usually is, but it was brand new (I had not seen it anywhere else). This series of coloring books/crayons really excited the Crayon Collecting world, because for the first time in years Crayola had 6 new actual colors! There are 3 Color Alive books I have not been seen in stores, but I can not wait to find, Frozen, Avenger, and Skylander Superchargers coloring books.  I see them in the app, but have not been able to find them for purchase.
  • Show Stopper, Barbie coloring book. 
  • Pixie Dust, Enchanted Forest coloring book. 
  • Fire Breath, Mythical Creatures coloring book. 
  • Ice Blast, Skylanders coloring book 
  • Banana Banana, Minions Action coloring book.
  • Creepy Crawly, Monster High coloring book.
  • Frostbite, Frozen Color Alive coloring book.
  • Superpower, Avenger Color Alive coloring book
Collecting Information
Coloring Books: Crayola Color Alive Barbie (2014), Crayola Color Alive Enchanted Forest (2015), Skylanders (2015), Crayola Color Alive Mythical Creatures (2015), Crayola Color Alive Minions (2015), Crayola Color Alive Monster High (2015)
Year: 2014, 2015
What's inside the box:
Barbie: yellow, apricot, plum, periwinkle, turquoise blue, green, show stopper*
Enchanted Forest: burnt sienna, pine green, sky blue, wild strawberry, olive green, violet (purple), pixie dust*
Skylanders: cadet blue, jungle green, dandelion, atomic tangerine, red, copper, ice blast*
Mythical Creatures: brown, golden rod, royal purple, cerulean, green, grey, fire breath*
Minions: silver, mahogany, red, midnight blue, tropical rain forest, wisteria, banana banana*
Monster High: goldenrod, grey, hot magenta, chestnut, sea green, blue green, creepy crawly*
Frozen: red violet, burnt orange, apricot, banana mania, olive green, Frostbite*, indigo
Avengers: Super Power*, peach, dandelion, green, denim, violet (purple), chestnut
Purchase information: JoAnn Fabrics, Kansas City Crayola Store, and Toys R US
Where to buy: Amazon (Barbie)Amazon (Enchanted Forest)Amazon (Mythical Creatures)Amazon (Minions)Amazon (Monster High)Amazon (Skylanders), Amazon (Frozen), Amazon (Avengers)eBay, Any store that sells Crayola products
Style Number: Barbie: 95-1048, Enchanted Forest: 95-1047, Mythical Creature: 95-1046, Skylander: 95-1045, Minion: 95-1053, Monster High: 95-1054 Frozen: 95-1064, Avengers: 95-1063
Code Number: Barbie: 95-1048-0-960, Enchanted Forest: 95-1047-0-960, Mythical Creature: 95-1046-0-960, Sklander: 95-1045-0-960, Minion: 95-1053-0-960, Monster High: 95-1054-0-960, Frozen: 95-1064-0-960, Avengers: 95-1063-0-960
UPC: 071662110642 (Frozen), 071662310639 (Avengers)

Front of the Color Alive, Barbie, Enchanted Forest, Mythical Creatures, Skylander, Minions, Monster High

2016 Color Alive Frozen

2016 Color Alive Avengers

2015 Color Alive-Mythical Creatures

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