Crayola Color Alive Review

Here is my review for Crayola Color Alive.

How do the pictures come alive?  You color the picture, open the app on iTunes or Google Play, and the picture comes to life before your eyes. The characters act out their drawings; for example, one fairy slept, another flew around, dragons move their heads, and the skylander chopped in the air.  You can save the character for later and take pictures with the characters. On a side note, you can also make characters come alive that have not been colored. Recently they added special effects for certain colors. You select the color, and a special effect will play for that color.

What did I think of Color Alive? It's all a good theory when it works correctly. We bought these right away and unfortunately they had problems coming to life if you colored the pictures in all the way and used dark colors.  I am happy to report that Crayola was very responsive to complaints it wasn't working and now if it does not work, you can overlay the non working page with a screen overlay.  The program will read the colors and come to life.  It didn't color the fairy perfectly, but it was pretty close and a good fix.

This page is colored by my daughter and from the Enchanted Forest coloring book.

This character did not come to life because it was colored too much
(but did later after an update after Crayola updated the app.  Isn't it beautiful?

Sadly I do not think Disney will be joining the Color Alive series, since they have their own app, Disney Color and Play already.  That is a bummer.  I am sure kids would really enjoy that. But Crayola should really try to get My Little Ponies, that would excite a ton of little girls, including mine.
Copies of the pages work too. That way they can experience the magic again and again, and you don't have to buy the books over and over again.  I also plan on using this for preschool next year.

Here are the characters that did come to life for us. Named by my daughter, Magenta, Monster and Jingle.

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